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• National PBS Broadcast, February 19, 1999

• 1999 Chicago Asian American Showcase

• 1999/2000 Northern California Emmy Nomination, Cultural Affairs Program

• International Press Club, Tokyo, Japan, May 2000


- Sacramento News & Review

". . . Children of the Camps emerges as a truly insightful and evocative documentary on the Japanese American internment experience."
- AsianWeek

". . . Remarkably intimate . . . This title adds an important chapter to the story of World War II internment."
- Booklist

"The [Children of the Camps'] value is in pointing out the injustice. It is a message worth repeating because it seems to be a lesson lost in today's world. Society continues to breed hate for the 'other.'"
- Honolulu Star-Bulletin

". . . This fine film . . . presents an interesting, seldom-seen aspect of the war and how it continues to affect us more than 50 years later."
- Library Journal

". . . The production values are excellent, the workshop participants and Dr. Ina are engaging, and the life experiences that are shared are compelling. . . . Children of the Camps is an outstanding effort and is highly recommended."
- MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship

"This video's . . . compelling as survivors discuss painful memories, oftern clashing over their assessments of what it's like to live in a country they feel has rejected them. . . . At video's end, survivors liken themselves to the driftwood they find at the edge of the ocean; they have weathered the storms, and endured."
- Video Librarian

"Children of the Camps allows viewers to watch six men and women...to understand the demons they've lived with all their lives."
- Sacramento Bee


“I would like to salute your efforts of bringing to the Japanese American community the documentary film, Children of the Camps. It is vital that we continue to explore the personal and familial consequences of the Japanese Americans interned during World War II. This film will serve as a valuable tool for many individuals wanting to confront and understand the trauma and stress associated with their internment experience.”
- Hon. Robert T. Matsui, Member of Congress

“[Children of the Camps is] about self acknowledgment and coming to terms with ourselves and our history . . . and that if we can honor our history and come to grips with it, then we can guide ourselves not only in the present, but into the future. It’s personal growth for myself . . . After this program . . . watch the spirit, watch the sentiment, watch the growth, and watch the healing.”
- Michael Honda, Assemblymember, 23rd District

“The tragedy of Japanese American internment during World War II is one of the most infamous chapters of American racism in the history of our country. The larger and indeed powerfully effective message of this project is that we must never again allow institutionalized racism to destroy the lives of our fellow citizens.”
- Warren Robbin Ware, President, Sacramento Chapter, NAACP

"[Children of the Camps] is phenomenal and . . . very well done . . . [Dr. Ina] did honor to so many who have been wronged. She gave a voice to their grief and bravery.”
- Lee Mun Wah, Color of Fear

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