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The following people took part in the workshop featured in the Children of the Camps documentary:

Marion Kanemoto was born in Seattle, WA. She was interned at Minidoka, Idaho. She was transported by ship to be exchanged for prisoners of war in Japan at the age of 14. She moved to Sacramento in 1970 where she worked as a school nurse for the Elk Grove School District. Retired in 1988, she began her work as a bilingual interviewer with the Florin Japanese American Citizen League’s Oral History Project. She received redress in 1996 after initially being denied due to her status in the prisoner of war exchange program.

Toru Saito was born in San Francisco’s Japantown. He was interned in Topaz, Utah, at the age of 4. He is a retired mental health care worker. He currently performs with his musical group called the Shanghai Bar Band, playing 30’s and 40’s music. He is married to Bessie Masuda and resides in Berkeley, California.

Bessie Masuda was born in Stockton,CA and raised in Lodi. She was interned in Crystal City, Texas, at the age of 12. She is currently an artist working in San Francisco, California, and is a mother and grandmother. She is married to Toru Saito and lives in Berkeley, California.

Howard Ikemoto was born in Sacramento, CA. He was interned in the Tule Lake camp in California at the age of 2. He has 2 daughters, Reiko and Amy, and lives near Santa Cruz with his lifelong partner, Julie Connell.

Ruth Okimoto was born in Japan and arrived in southern California with her family as Christian missionaries before the age of 1. She was interned in Poston, Arizona, at the age of 6. She recently earned her doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology researching organizational psychology. Currently she is retired from corporate life and balancing her independent contract work with her art. Her drawings and paintings reflect the psychological and political impact of her life in camp. She lives with her husband in Berkeley, California.

Richard Tatsuo Nagaoka was born in camp at Rohwer, Arkansas. After the war he grew up on the family farm near Lodi. Today he is a self-employed grape doctor in the Napa Valley. He also designs lamps and functional art. His pieces appear in the Sundance and the Smith and Hawkins catalog. He has appeared on occasional television commercials and industrial print and video. He has renewed his connection with four generations as he is a father, a son and a grandfather.


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