Andy Clark

Andy Clark has his portrait taken by veteran Stacy Pearsall.Andy Clark has his portrait taken by veteran Stacy Pearsall.Stacy Pearsall

Age 32
Denver, Colorado / Undisclosed Location
Afghanistan Sergeant, Army (Retired)  

Sometimes returning from military service doesn’t mean you’re back home for good. When Andy Clark retired from the Army after deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan, he and his wife, Pam, began a life together raising their moderately autistic son CJ in Denver. They couldn’t make ends meet and Andy, an adrenaline junkie, was bored. Andy learned he could afford his son's mounting medical bills if he was willing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan again as a contractor. Soon he was back overseas. Now he’s facing a new hurdle: He loves his family, but he also loves being a soldier, especially one that pays bills he couldn't as a regular civilian. Meanwhile, Pam doesn’t know how much longer she can wait to have her soldier at home.

Andy's Arrival Andy returns from Afghanistan. He is greeted at the airport by his wife, Pam and son, C.J.

Portrait © Stacy Pearsall, Veteran's Portrait Project

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