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Judy Estrin


Judy Estrin

Founder, Bridge Communications

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April 10, 2006:
Judy Estrin's career ranges from founder of Bridge Communications to CTO of Cisco to running Packet Design LLC. Quite the girl geek, eh?

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Season 2
Season 2 of NerdTV will begin with NTV014 -- a SUPER SECRET guest. It should be a fascinating and truly eye-opening show. Twelve more interviews will follow -- one per week -- and this time we really mean it.

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what is nerd tv

Where the heck is NerdTV season 2?

It is coming soon, though I can't yet give a firm date. But I CAN tell you why it has taken so long.

For one thing, we've changed the name. The show we called NerdTV will now be called SuperNerds, while NerdTV will continue as the overall brand. If this were broadcast or cable television, NerdTV would be the name of the network with SuperNerds one of the shows on that network. This of course implies that there will be other shows beyond SuperNerds and there will be. The next one will be Tech Tycoons, which will cover the suits - the non-technical founders and farmers of well-known tech companies. Steve Jobs, for example, is not a SuperNerd, but he IS a Tech Tycoon. You get it.

But it doesn't take months of work to change a title. We've also been busy all this time coming up with a new cross-platform video player and a new distribution network that allows us to decrease costs while increasing quality. Where NerdTV was 320-by-240, SuperNerds is more like 720-by-480. Where NerdTV was shot in DV, SuperNerds is shot in HDTV. Where NerdTV used one camera, SuperNerds uses two.

And we have half a season of shows already in the can - shows with people like Steve Wozniak, Jerry Kaplan, Bob Frankston, Bob Metcalfe and nine more.

They'll be along before you know it.

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And for those who remember books, we have included a written transcript of each show. Enjoy.

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