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Creative Commons

Creative Commons License

Can you copy, redistribute, extract, edit, modify, or otherwise mess with NerdTV? Yes! You just can't sell it.

"The NerdTV mpeg-4 video, mp3, ogg vorbis, and aac audio, and text transcripts offered on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License and are copyright by NerdTV LLC and PBS." This license means you can do pretty much what you like with the content as long as you follow two simple rules:

  1. Any derivative work must include attribution to the original source -- Robert X. Cringely and PBS -- and include a link back to, and;
  2. No matter how much effort youíve put into that derivative work, you canít sell it or in any way receive remuneration for its distribution or performance.

And here is my reasoning. You can play with NerdTV because I believe that will encourage more people to actually watch it, no matter what version. You can play with NerdTV because there will always be a reference version at PBS to show that Bill Gates never did say that horrible thing you made it look like he said. And your work must remain non-commercial because, frankly, I'm not making money on it, so you shouldn't, either.

The rules are simple and fair. But if you break them, don't be surprised to find that my wrath has no limit. That sounded good, didnít it?

While NerdTV in its various forms is licensed under Creative Commons, my I, Cringely columns most certainly are not. Those columns are protected by copyright. So no stealing, borrowing, copying, or re-using of my columns beyond the limits of fair use are authorized. Got that?

If you do create a derivative work that uses NerdTV material, it would be great if you could let me know about it. This isnít a requirement, just my request. And if you are interested in commercial use of NerdTV material, perhaps in a different video format or higher resolution, please let me know about that, too.

I could use the money.

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© 2005 NerdTV LLC and PBS. Offered under the Creative Commons license.

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