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Rss Feeds & Podcasts

NerdTV is available via RSS. In addition to a normal RSS "news" feed, there are numerous podcasts available--just choose the format you want.

RSS Feeds:


This Week's NerdTV

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Audio Podcasts:


Entire Show: MP3 (Torrent)


Entire Show: Ogg Vorbis (Torrent)


Entire Show: AAC (Torrent)

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What is RSS?

RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndication." RSS feeds are online files that contains headlines, summaries and links to full stories. These feeds are automatically updated and are viewed through an RSS news reader (also called an RSS aggregator).

What is an RSS Reader?

RSS news readers are software programs similar to Web browsers that allow you to display RSS feed information on your computer. RSS news readers enable you to bookmark and read multiple feeds in a single interface as well as to organize those feeds into groups for efficient browsing. For example, you might want to create a group named "PBS" or "News"—each of which could include multiple RSS feeds. There are a wide variety of RSS readers available on the Internet. Some readers are Web-based while others require you to install a software program on your computer. Many are free to use, and others offer free trial periods.

Selected RSS Readers

Google and Yahoo list many of the available RSS readers.

Windows Readers:

Mac Readers:

Web-based Readers:

How do I use RSS feeds?

Each news reader has a slightly different way of adding RSS feeds (also called "channels"). Most allow you the opportunity to add new 'Channels' or new 'Subscriptions' by copying a feed’s URL into your news reader program. Once you’ve added the RSS feed, it will display and regularly update the headlines and descriptions automatically.

Why do I see computer code when I click RSS links?

RSS links are meant to be viewed with an RSS news reader program or RSS online service (listed above). The code you see in your browser when clicking on an RSS link is XML (or eXtensible Markup Language) code. While on the page displaying the xml code, simply copy the URL from your browser’s address bar and add the feed to your news reader program (as described above). Click your browser’s back button to return to the web page you were previously viewing.

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