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I, Cringely - The Survival of the Nerdiest with Robert X. Cringely
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Join Bob in his yearly prognostications -- read and vote on his predictions, come back for updates, even make your own!

Bob Predictions

My last prediction for 2009 has to do with venture capital. While investments in technology will continue, the really smart VCs will realize there is a much better and more certain way to make a ton of money in the short term: start a bank. Look for the rebirth of community banks, in this case backed by VCs. Work with me on this one. There is no credit available because the big banks won't lend. But it takes only about $20 million to start a very fine little bank that WILL loan money because the cash can be acquired from the Fed for almost nothing and lent at high rates to technology companies that can pay it back. By creating banks the technology industry will...more >>>
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Tribe Predictions

After 3-5 yrs vmware founders retire wth billions in the bank ROFL and give bill gates a dollar for betting that IT suckers would go for it knowng the only reason we need virtualization is bcoz windoze and lintux both suxors but intel still needs to sell processores.more >>>
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