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Writing's on the wall for Bob's comment and has been there. While Mac OSX will trail in application compatibility this isn't the crowd that Steve would aim his i Suite at. Semi-passive, media hungry users is the new target market, not the high-end graphics/media artist market which has been lost to Windows. So if you can easily, more seamlessly, beautifully run your apps, sync your iPod, and be secure without a bunch of additional software (white lie), make home videos, surf the web, play with Mac OS gadgets, and run it on today's hardware you're the target audience. To heck with application compatibility, a broad expanse of solutions, and extensive hardware compatibility b/c this market values SIMPLICITY and ease of use above all else. They'll follow to buy the iTV, iPOD, iLivingRoom, or whatever hardware/software combination comes next b/c they know 1-It'll work, 2-It'll be simple, and 3-It's pretty. Steve will easily find several million users a year that fit this bill, and I believe that he has just the formula to do it. Will it take over the Windows market, ever? No, there's not enough broad utility to support all Windows users. Will it capture a 5-10% marketshare over the overall computing market? Perhaps, with time. I'll say this, Jobs has the formula to do it more than anybody else.

Dave | Dec 21, 2006 | 3:13PM

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