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Sun's Woes Continue

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Still no good news for Sun. Those Galaxy servers are very nice, but they aren't enough to support the company and Eric Schmidt is too smart (I hope) to bail out his old firm.
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Status: [CLOSED] responses (163) | Jan 08, 2007


Comments from the Tribe

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So Bob, what is the actual prediction here? "No Good news for Sun" or "Eric Schmitd won't bail Sun out"? If the latter, what a cop out prediction. If the former, looks like you're headed for another miss with your Sun predictions. Alan.

Alan Hargreaves | Dec 19, 2006 | 6:58PM

You've done it again, haven't you.

Last year you changed the prediction so you could say it was true (what is in the "did i get it right" type article bears little resemblance to the actual prediction last year).

This year in spite of even Sun's most ardent detractors (yourself obviously excluded), you say 'yep, more bad news for Sun, I got it right".

Could the reason that you didn't expand on this very much perhaps be that if you did, you'd have to admit that you got it wrong?

Like many non-Sun folks on forums like slashdot (geez when was the last time you saw them defending Sun), I've got to ask, what exactly is your axe to grind with us?

Hmmm looking at it again, it appears that just like last year, the wording in the "did i get it right" article is subtly different to the actual prediction.

Your prediction was, and I quote:

"Still no good news for Sun. Those Galaxy servers are very nice, but they aren't enough to support the company and Eric Schmidt is too smart (I hope) to bail out his old firm."

Please note, this is not the same as in your article where you said "More bad news for Sun".

So, if we take what you actually said, Any good news for Sun would mean you got it wrong.

Admit it Bob, you got this one wrong too and again attempting to alter history is not going to change it.


Alan Hargreaves | Jan 11, 2007 | 11:13PM

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