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Apple to Add Windows API Support to Some Macs

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Apple will build into some Macs support for the Windows API, allowing Mac and Windows apps to run side by side with no need for virtualization software except to run Linux. This fits with Apple's surprising new role as a competitor to HP and Dell for the business workstation market. But what's REALLY surprising about this is it will all be with the permission of Microsoft, which will still get a license fee from Apple, though in this case it is for just licensing the API and promising not to keep any of them secret. Therefore, could the logical successor to Windows Vista actually be OS X? Only if Apple licenses Mac OS X to other companies, which I don't see happening.
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Comments from the Tribe

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I wonder how many of those shiny new MacPros has the Windows APIs? Will Jobs announce this at MacWorld? Or how will he announce this at Mac World? "Oh, by the way ...", the video screen flashes with a shot of Steve Lyons mug, " I'm having him shot as I speak,". Loud peal of rifle shots around auditorium, a groan from offstage, a thump. Audience laughs, then Jobs breaks in over giggles, " ... but seriously, we're announcing a new partnership deal with this guy's company (live shot of Bill Gates's smiling face - audience gasps). Those new MacPros and Xserves we just began shipping ... why don't you tell 'em Bill?"

Kevin Kunreuther | Jan 09, 2008 | 6:23AM

"Did I say Steve Lyons? I meant Daniel Lyons - that's the problem with this business - too many Steves running around ... "

Kevin Kunreuther | Jan 09, 2008 | 6:30AM