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I, Cringely - The Survival of the Nerdiest with Robert X. Cringely
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Don't miss a week of I, Cringely! Get the latest from Bob via RSS, podcast, or a notification direct to your e-mail inbox.


When it's survival of the nerdiest, you can't afford to miss a single nerdy word. Sign up to be notified when Bob posts a new weekly column. Or, if you want to have the column delivered to your desktop, subscribe to the RSS feeds (read below for the full scoop on RSS feeds). You can also get the regular podcast of Bob's weekly column so you can take Bob with you wherever you roam. Find out more about how to subscribe to feeds.

About RSS Feeds

RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndication." The I, Cringely RSS feeds are online files that contain the headlines and full stories of Bob's most recent columns. These feeds are automatically updated and are viewed through an RSS news reader (also called an RSS aggregator).

What is an RSS Reader?

RSS news readers are software programs similar to Web browsers that allow you to display RSS feed information on your computer. RSS news readers enable you to bookmark and read multiple feeds in a single interface as well as to organize those feeds into groups for efficient browsing. For example, you might want to create a group named "PBS" or "News," each of which could include multiple RSS feeds. There are a wide variety of RSS readers available on the Internet. Some readers are Web-based while others require you to install a software program on your computer. Many are free to use, and others offer free trial periods.

Selected RSS Readers

Google and Yahoo list many of the available RSS readers.

Windows Readers:

Mac Readers:

Web-based Readers:

How to Subscribe to the I, Cringely RSS Feed

Follow the instructions for your newsreader to learn where you will enter the I, Cringely RSS feed URL. Each news reader has a slightly different way of adding RSS feeds (also called "channels"). Most allow you the opportunity to add new 'Channels' or new 'Subscriptions' by copying a feed's URL into your news reader program. Once you've added the RSS feed, it will display and regularly update the headlines and descriptions automatically.

Enter the I, Cringely RSS feed URL into your RSS client:

About Podcasts

Podcasts are digital audio files (usually MP3s) that are available on the Internet. Listeners "subscribe" to these programs using podcasting software. The listener's computer automatically downloads the audio files, which can then be listened to on the computer or transferred to a portable MP3 audio player. Podcasting allows people to either automatically or choose to download, save and listen to broadcast programs when and where they want.

In order to receive podcasts you need a computer, an Internet connection (preferably a high-speed connection), and podcasting software. Podcasts can also be used on an iPod or any portable MP3 player.

Podcasting software allows your computer to automatically check for new files and download them once they are posted. Then you can either listen to the programs on your computer or have them downloaded to your portable audio player.

Selected Podcast Software

Windows/Mac Podcast Software:

  • Juice
    Windows, Mac, Linux, free
  • iTunes
    Windows, Mac, free
  • NetNewsWire
    Mac OS X; commercial software, trial available
How to Subscribe to the Podcast

Download and install the podcast software.

Enter the I, Cringely podcast RSS feed URL into your podcast client: