The Living Edens Madagascar-A World Apart Classroom Resources

1. In the program “The Living Edens” Maya Angelou described Madagascar as a “wondrous realm” where “trees seem to stand with their roots in the sky.” What picture comes to mind from these words and what other words would you use to describe what you saw on the video?



2. When she described the Singhi of Bimoraia in Madagascar, she used the phrase “towering limestone pinnacles” and said that “the razor edges . . . form the ultimate fortress against the outside world.” She describes the land with phrases such as “jagged landscape” and “bladelike rocks.” Draw a picture of the landscape as you see it in your mind from these words and phrases. Why is the word “fortress” important and how does she support that word with other word choices?




3. Speaking of this same landscape, she adds “Erosion left a maze of crevasses a hundred feet deep, providing sanctuary to the creatures that live here.” Describe in your own words how the animals that live in these crevasses use that depth as a sanctuary. Think of what the word “sanctuary” means and how the depth and the sides of the crevass support her use of the word sanctuary.


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