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About Alastair Fothergill

Alastair Fothergill, producer of The Living Edens: South Georgia Island, joined BBC's Natural History Unit after studying zoology at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom.

Since then, he has produced the BAFTA award-winning Really Wild Show, two programs in the Trials of Life series (on which he worked with writer/filmmaker David Attenborough), and two programs for the Wildlife on One series. He also directed the live underwater broadcast Reefwatch.

In 1989, Fothergill first began working on his idea for Life in the Freezer, a six-part BBC television series exploring the delicate balance of nature in the Antarctic region. The program won the Grand Teton award at the prestigious 1995 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Selected from more than 350 competitive entries, Life in the Freezer was among a select group of fourteen winning finalists. Fothergill has subsequently made many trips to Antarctica, giving him the rare opportunity to see the diversity of life of this remarkable region.

Just before leaving for South Georgia Island in the fall of 1992 to continue filming for the series, Fothergill was promoted to the prestigious post of head of BBC's Natural History Unit.

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