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Tasmania: land of the devils
Tasmania: land of the devils
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Site Credits

Sonia Harris, Avian Mind Design

Producer: David Neiman, Avian Mind Design

Executive Producer: William M. Larkin, Devillier Donegan Enterprises

Program Credits

Narrated by:
Linda Hunt

Executive Producer: Alex Gregory

Supervising Producer: Ann F. Kim

Written by: Paul Scott, Alex Gregory

Produced by: Paul Scott

Cinematography by: Peter Coleman

Additional Cinematography by: Michael Dillon, Lindsay Cupper, Joe Shemesh, David Parer

Underwater Cinematography by: David Hannan

Edited by: Phillipa Rowlands

Music by: Laura Karpman

Associate Producer/Researcher: Paul Grocott

Field Assistants: Geoff King, Ian Davies, Craig Johnson, Ruth Cupper, Mick Barron

Sound Editor: Alasdair Macfarlane

Colorist: Annelie Chapple

Post Production Supervisor: Leigh Harrison Helberg

Assistant Editor: John Grether

Production Secretary: David Ley

Henry Editor: Jay Segimoto

Re-Recording Mixers: Mark Linden, Tara Paul

Sound Design: Clifford Hoelscher

Music Supervisor: Nancy Severinsen

Map Design: View Studios

Scientific Consultants: Nick Mooney, Nigel Brothers, Rosemary Gales, David Pemberton, Jason Wiersma

The Producers Gratefully Acknowledge The Assistance Of:
Delia Nicholls & Nicola Holland
Androo Kelly And The Staff At Trowunna
Kevin Drake & Steve Richards, Seair
Adventure Charters
Par Avion
Rob Hutton & Rick Lawrence, Hunter Island
Damien Stanioch - Australian Wildlife Park
Brad Walker - Featherdale Wildlife Park
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Tim Waygood
Bryce Grunden - Sound Environment

Special Thanks For The Assistance of: Tourism Tasmania, and the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service

For Abc/Kane Productions

Director Of Business Affairs: William Larkin

Business Manager: Elizabeth G. Vallentine

Production Controller: John Esteban

Worldwide Distribution by: Devillier Donegan Enterprises

A Production Of Abc/Kane Productions
in association with
Trebitsch Produktion International Gmbh

©2000 ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

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