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Battlefield Commanders
The French Army

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) Commander of the L’Armee du Nord, Emperor of France.

Marshal Michel Ney (1769-1815) Commanded a wing at Quatres Bras, field commander of the army at Waterloo.

Marshal Emmanuel Grouchy (1766-1847) Commanded a wing at Ligny, commander of a wing (33,000 men) given the task of pursuing the Prussians and preventing their arrival at Waterloo.

The Anglo-Allied Army

Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) Commander of the Anglo-Allied army.

Lieutenant General Henry Paget, the Earl of Uxbridge (1768-1854) Commander of the cavalry and next in command to Wellington.

Prince William of Orange (1792-1849) Commander of the I corps.

Lieutenant General Sir Rowland Hill (1772-1842) Commander of the II corps.

The Prussian Army

Field Marshal Gebhard Blücher (1742-1819) Commander of the Prussian army.

General von Gniesenau (1760-1832) Chief of Staff of the Prussian army.

Generallieutenant von Ziethen (1770-1848) Commander of the I corps.

Generalmajor von Pirch I (1763-1838) Commander of the II corps.

Generallieutenant von Thielemann (1765-1824) Commander of the III corps. Assigned to delay Grouchy’s French wing at Wavre.

General der Infantrie Bulow von Dennewitz (1755-1816) Commander of the IV corps.

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