Empty Oceans, Empty Nets

Coral beauty

“Empty Oceans, Empty Nets” is a documentary exploring the immense changes threatening marine fisheries worldwide and efforts being made to restore and sustain them. Empty Oceans, Empty Nets premiered on PBS around Earth Day, April 22nd, 2002.

Empty Oceans Trailer

Farming The Seas

Seal swimming with fish

“Farming the Seas” is the natural sequel to Empty Oceans and continues the investigation with a vivid look at the problems and potential of marine aquaculture, a fast-growing industry embroiled in considerable controversy. Farming the Seas premiered on PBS around November 18, 2004.

Farming The Seas Trailer

30-minute educational version

We have edited a low-cost, 30-minute educational version of these films that is specially designed to provide the context for the Activity Guide. The film offers an incisive overview of marine fishery and aquaculture issues and examines current efforts being made to protect our oceans.

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website: www.habitatmedia.org

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