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The Marine Fisheries & Aquaculture Series contains two films; “Empty Oceans, Empty Nets”, and “Farming The Seas”. You can learn more about each topic they cover by clicking on their link at the top of the page.


Main navigation is found at the top of the site. From here you can click on each film comprised of the series, as well as links to complimentary information. Clicking on the logo will take you Home. “About The Films” will tell more about the series, how purchase them, and when they might air in your area. The “Seafood Choices” link will show you what kinds of seafood choices you can make to ensure your seafood is raised in an environmentally conscience way. Clicking on the “Resources” link will show you other sites and locations to learn more about the issues raised in the films. Find definitions to new terms at the “Glossary“ page.