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Image from a FRONTLINE/World outreach event

Image from a FRONTLINE/World outreach event

Participation Guide
FRONTLINE/World has created this Participation Guide to help all members of the community, including students, education professionals, organization leaders, station outreach professionals, and ordinary citizens--use FRONTLINE/World television and Web content to expand both their community's and their own understanding of the world.

Graphic key to the paticipation guide

Participation Level

Discover - GO

Share- GO

Partner - GO

Watch FRONTLINE/ World. Check our Web site for local show times
Explore this Web site for exclusive online content, streaming video of our stories, behind-the-scenes insights and viewer responses.
Subscribe to the FRONTLINE/ World e-mail newsletter for story updates, interviews and upcoming events.
Join online discussions. Share your thoughts about FRONTLINE/ World episodes and visit online chats with journalists.
Attend FRONTLINE/ World events.View episodes with others, learn from experts and share opinions.
Expand your world view -- watch and discuss FRONTLINE/ World with friends and family.

IndividualsCampusesCommunity OrganizationsPBS affiliate stations
Have an impact on world opinion -- start your own FRONTLINE/ World viewing club.
IndividualsCampusesCommunity OrganizationsPBS affiliate stations
Share international insight by distributing FRONTLINE/ World newsletters to your email circle or by simply spreading the word.
IndividualsCampusesWorkplacesPBS affiliate stations
Invite the world to lunch: Hold lunchtime screenings at your workplace or school.
CampusesCommunity OrganizationsWorkplacesPBS affiliate stations
Invite the world to lunch: Hold lunchtime screenings at your workplace or school.

CampusesCommunity OrganizationsWorkplacesPBS affiliate stations
Think globally, discuss locally. Use FRONTLINE/ World stories to create a screening and discussion event.
CampusesCommunity OrganizationsWorkplacesPBS affiliate stations
Organize an ongoing discussion series. Examine a topic, region or idea from FRONTLINE/ World.
IndividualsCampusesCommunity OrganizationsPBS affiliate stations
Go public with global concerns. Contact your local PBS station's community outreach department about support for FRONTLINE/ World events, panels and more.
CampusesCommunity OrganizationsWorkplacesPBS affiliate stations
Organize a world film festival with FRONTLINE/ World stories from around the globe.
CampusesCommunity OrganizationsWorkplaces
Network around the world. Forge a cross-promotional partnership between your organization and FRONTLINE/ World.

Note: Educators or school administrators may also be interested in any of the activities above. We welcome requests to bring FRONTLINE/World reporters or producers to classroom discussions or school events. We also encourage teachers and educational professionals to visit our Educator section for ways of incorporating FRONTLINE/World into classroom curriculum.

Here are a few examples of who might use FRONTLINE/World:
  • Campus leaders eager to advance global understanding with insightful media coverage
  • Foreign affairs organizations in search of a springboard for community dialogue
  • International Studies departments seeking to supplement curriculum materials
  • Station outreach professionals working with the community
  • Diversity trainers interested in strengthening educational programs
  • Human resources professionals aiming to build cultural understanding
  • Study abroad programs preparing students for life overseas
  • Ethnic, cultural and religious groups developing programs to build awareness of their country and culture
  • Economics teachers looking for innovative ways to engage students
  • Journalism departments exploring international news coverage
  • Foreign language teachers wanting to offer a closer look and listen at countries studied

FRONTLINE/World is a co-production of WGBH Boston and KQED San Francisco. FRONTLINE/World's "Get Involved" initiative has been developed in association with KQED Education Network and Active Voice.

The FRONTLINE/World Participation Guide was written by Alison Bing in collaboration with Brent Quan Hall of FRONTLINE/World and Ellen Schneider of Active Voice. Ms. Bing is an independent consultant with a decade of expertise activating strategic communications programs for non-profits.

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