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Rough Cut: Indonesia: Wham! Bam! Islam!
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From Our Files

Kuwait: The 99
The companion site to filmmaker Isaac Solotaroff's original story about The 99 features an extended interview with creator Naif al-Mutawa, Solotaroff's diary about his experiences reporting in Kuwait and a closer look at the comic and the evolution of its characters.

The 99

A student coloring a character from The 99.

Indonesia: After the Wave
In the wake of the massive tsunami that hit Indonesia in December 2004, the Indonesian army and local separatist rebels agreed to end their decades-long war. FRONTLINE/World correspondent Orlando de Guzman travels to Aceh, Indonesia, to explore the prospects for continued peace. Our companion site includes a feature on the rise of Sharia law and a timeline of Indonesian history.

Tibet: Eye Camp
Solotaroff follows American Dr. Marc Leiberman on his mission to eliminate cataract diseass -- the world's leading cause of preventable blindness -- in Tibet, where the lack of quality care and high altitude combine to make it an epidemic.

Further Reading

Islam and Sharia in Today's Indonesia
As part of the University of Melbourne's Up Close Podcast, professor Tim Lindsey discusses the debate within the Islamic community in Indonesia about what sort of future its people will have.

International Herald Tribune: 'Islamic Hard-Liners Chip Away at Indonesia's Secular Traditions'
While the majority of people in the world's most populous Muslim nation practice a tolerant form of Islam, a growing group of conservatives is trying to reshape the religion in the image of orthodox Middle Eastern countries.

The Guardian: Indonesia Special Report
The Guardian's special report includes the newspaper's latest coverage from Indonesia, as well as interactive features and maps about the country's conflicts, environmental disasters and history.

The 99

Visit The 99 homepage for news about the comic strip, background information on the storyline, downloadable art and a promotional trailer.

Isaac Solotaroff

Solotaroff's homepage features news on his ongoing documentary projects, contact information and clips from some of his films.