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Frontline World Rough CutsFRONTLINE/World Rough Cuts


Launched in June 2005, the "Rough Cut" online video series expanded FRONTLINE /World's opportunity to help lead the trend toward integrating broadcast and online video content to reach a broader audience worldwide.

We use the term "Rough Cut" to encompass a variety of reports, including some works in progress, some from veteran producers, and to allow for experiments in format and style.

The series will conitnue to be a primary outlet for emerging documentary talent and a testing ground for future broadcast stories.

If you would like to see any of the "Rough Cut" videos we have presented, you can watch them all online here.

Also, if you have a video or an idea for a video story you would like to submit, please send an email to, with "Rough Cut Submission" in the header and we will contact you on how to proceed.