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Rough Cut: New Orleans: A Village Called Versailles
Additional Reading

Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation (MQVN-CDC)
MQVN-CDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, strengthening, and developing affordable housing, economic development and education for Vietnamese Americans in New Orleans.


Environmental groups argue that the state of Louisiana has expanded the definition for "construction and demolition debris" to include everything inside a house, which would mean the potentially toxic household chemicals and moldy furniture.

New York Times: A New Landfill in New Orleans Sets Off a Battle
Leslie Eaton reports on the controversy surrounding the Chef Menteur landfill on the eastern edge of New Orleans, near the predominantly Vietnamese American community of Versailles.

New York Times: Sustained by Close Ties, Vietnamese Toil to Rebuild
Christine Hauser reports on close-knit community in Versailles, ties that did not break during the upheaval of the hurricane.

NPR: In New Orleans, Versailles Resurfaces
For the program All Things Considered, Greg Allen reports on the quick rebirth of the East New Orleans neighborhood following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.