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Rough Cut: China: Kung Fu English
Other China Stories
Watch more of our stories from China exploring the country's rapid growth through the eyes of a new wave of Chinese filmmakers and the environmental issues affecting the country.


China: Silenced
FRONTLINE/World reporter Serene Fang visits the remote Chinese province Xinjiang to investigate growing tensions between the government and the Muslim people known as the Uighurs. Her clandestine interview with a Uighur man turns into a reporter's nightmare when Chinese authorities arrest Fang and her source, confiscate her videotape, interrogate her for 24 hours and take the Uighur man to an unknown fate.

Jesus In China
In a joint project of FRONTLINE/World and the Chicago Tribune, reporter Evan Osnos investigates how Christianity is sweeping China and could potentially transform the country at an explosive moment in its development.

The New Yorker: Crazy English
Evan Osnos reports from China on the country's national scramble to learn a new language before the Olympics.

China: The Women's Kingdom
"The Women's Kingdom" of the Mosuo people of southwest China is one of the last matriarchal societies in the world. Reporter Xiaoli Zhou's beautifully shot film lets viewers see how much freedom a woman might enjoy in China.

China: Green Dreams
The village of Huangbaiyu in rural northeast China was supposed to be a model for energy-conscious design. FRONTLINE/World reporter Timothy Lesle investigates why the joint China-U.S. project to initially build 400 sustainable homes went awry.

China: Shanghai Nights
FRONTLINE/World reporter Nguyen Qui Duc visits a changing boomtown on the edge of China's cultural frontier. Explore Shanghai's restless youth culture with pop novelist and literary "bad girl" Mian Mian, whose writing about sex, drugs and music rocked a generation.

China: Undermined
Coal mining is a dangerous business in China. FRONTLINE/World reporter Duane Moles explores the impact of the extraction business for the environment, the coal miners themselves and the villages being literally undermined by the booming industry.

China: The New Wave
Reporter Joshua Fisher takes a cinematic journey to China where he meets with the country's new wave of independent filmmakers. Known as the "Sixth Generation," the group flouts censorship to tell gritty contemporary stories about the country's rapid modernization and the millions of migrants living at its margins.

Tibet: Eye Camp
FRONTLINE/World reporter Isaac Solotaroff travels to Tibet with American doctor Marc Leiberman, who teaches locals to perform cataract surgery.