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Rough Cut: Burma: Inside the Saffron Revolution
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More Burma coverage from our files and elsewhere on the Web.

From Our Files
iWitness Burma: After the Storm
Capturing recent, dramatic footage inside Burma during the 2007 uprising against the ruling junta and the devastating cyclone, our correspondent shares his video diaries of witnessing those events.

Burma's Cyclone: The Tipping Point?
Traveling the country to assess the political impact of cyclone Nargis, our reporter finds dissidents hopeful that the regime's mishandling of the storm's aftermath might be the tipping point that brings down the generals.

Burma: No Turning Back
Our contributor was in Rangoon September 27, the day the Burmese military violently cracked down on unarmed democracy protesters. He was the only Western journalist in the middle of the crowds that day. Watch his dramatic video footage and read his account.

Burma: State of Fear
Watch our broadcast story from October 2006, when FRONTLINE/World reporter Evan Williams travels undercover to Burma to expose the violence and repression carried out by Burma's government against its own people.

Burma: The Chinese Connection
Orlando de Guzman reports from the Burma-China border, where Chinese boomtowns are sprouting up, bankrolled in large part by the trade in narcotics, jade and timber from Burma. Despite international sanctions, trade with China along the historic Burma Road has become a lifeline for the Burmese military regime.

Burma: The Resource Curse
UC Berkeley journalism student Howard Hsu traveled to Burma last spring to report on China's increasing trade with Burma, which is depleting its forests, and creating a booming trade in exotic animals.

Additional Resources

The Economist: The Saffron Revolution
The Economist offered extensive coverage and analysis of the monks' uprising in Burma, also known as Myanmar, as it unfolded in September 2007.

U.S. State Department: Burma's Saffron Revolution
Scot Marciel, Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in October 2007 about the situation in Burma and the protests by monks there.

TimesOnline: Dissident websites crippled by Burma on anniversary of revolt
The Times online (UK) reports that one year after transmitting graphic images of the crackdown against demonstrators, online anti-government magazines run by exiled Burmese have been brought down by a massive influx of artificially generated web traffic.