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Rough Cut: Sri Lanka: A Terrorist in the Family
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Read more about Sri Lanka's history of conflict and the latest developments there.

From Our Files

Sri Lanka: Living with Terror
The day after FRONTLINE/World correspondent Joe Rubin landed in Sri Lanka, a suicide bomber attempted to kill the prime minister. The assassination attempt failed, but six civilians were killed. Arriving at the scene, Rubin realized that he was standing in a sea of body parts. It was the beginning of a six-week journey exploring how an island paradise had become a killing ground.

Sri Lanka: Cursed by the Gods
FRONTLINE/World reporter Jonathan Jones and producer Krista Mahr journey to Sri Lanka's eastern coast to see how people are coping with twin disasters: the tsunami and a civil war that has wracked the country for decades.

Additional Resources

BBC: "'Pain' of Sri Lanka aid pullout"
The BBC reports that one week after the U.N. and other agencies pulled out of northern Sri Lanka, where more than 200,000 people have been displaced and troops press ahead to capture rebel territory, fears of a humanitarian crisis are mounting. The BBC also provides a quick guide to the crisis in Sri Lanka.

The Economist: "Closing in on the Tigers' lair"
From early September 2008, the Economist reports on the Sri Lankan government's efforts to destroy the Tamil Tigers as a conventional fighting force, what it calls a "decisive and impressive" phase in its "war for peace."

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting: Sri Lanka -- Endless War?
Jason Motlagh reports that momentum in Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war has swung decisively in favor of the government forces after an unprecedented advance deep into the rebels' last northern stronghold.

TamilNet is the main source of information about what is going on Sri Lanka from a Tamil point of view.

Women Make Movies: My Daughter the Terrorist
Women Make Movies is primarily a distribution service established in 1972 to address the under-representation of women in the media. The group's website offers information about the feature-length version of "My Daughter the Terrorist," where it is also available for purchase.

Snitt Film Productions
Snitt Film Productions, the company behind the production of the feature-length version, offers updates on screenings and other information about the making of the film.

Sri Lanka Ministry of Defense: "My Daughter the Terrorist" justifies suicide bombers
The Sri Lankan Government Information Department issued this press release urging the U.S. State Department and FBI to prevent the screening of "My Daughter the Terrorist" at a film festival in North Carolina in April 2008, saying that "the movie has no qualms about glorifying suicide bombing in all its gory details."