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Rough Cut: Rwanda: Millennium Village
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Time Magazine: "Seeds of Change in Rwanda"
Alex Perry of Time magazine explores the effect the Millennium Villages Project has had in Rwanda.

Nature Magazine: Harvest of Hope
Sarah Tomlin visits Rwanda to check up on the progress of aid efforts 5 years after launch.

The Wilson Quarterly: Africa's Village of Dreams
The Wilson Center's journal takes a probing look at some of the challenges to implementing change through aid programs, such as the Millennium Villages project, in Africa.

Earth & Sky Radio: Millennium Villages Project

In this radio report, Deborah Byrd and Joel Block explore how teaching new farm techniques help African farmers achieve higher yields.

Los Angeles Times: Food Crisis Yields an African Opportunity
Edmund Sanders reporting for the Los Angeles Times finds that as global food prices rise, and governments focus on reducing dependency on imports, small farmers are in a unique market position.

Here on Earth: The Millennium Village Project
Jean Feraca talks with Josh Ruxin and Annette Karenzi about The Millennium Villages Project.

San Francisco Chronicle: Fiber Optic Networks to Rwanda's Rescue
Head of the Millennium Villages project in Rwanda, Josh Ruxin argues that building a communications system helps combat famine, poverty and disease.



You can see coffee growing everywhere on the slopes of Rwanda's beautiful rolling hills. Coffee is Rwanda's number one export crop.

The New York Times: Nicholas Kristof Blog
Kristof's regular blog for The New York Times features posts by Josh Ruxin, the U.S. aid worker and public health expert from Columbia University, who has been instrumental in running Rwanda's Millennium Villages project. More posts by Ruxin can also be found at The Huffington Post.


The Millennium Villages Project
Learn more about other Millennium Village projects around the world. The Rwandan Government plans to extend the Millennium Village concept to 30 new districts as part of a national development strategy called Vision 2020-Umurenge initiative.

The Earth Institute

Part of the funding that goes to Millennium Villages and Access projects is provided by The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Ericsson Communications
The Birth of a Good Idea Communications Company under Ericsson, joined forces with the United Nations and the Millennium Villages Projects to help connect African villages to the Internet.