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Rough Cut: Jamaica: The Alpha Boys
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The Alpha Boys School began in the late 19th century as an orphanage.

The Alpha Boys School
The Alpha Boys School homepage features a direct link to makes donations to support the school.

MySpace: Alpha Boys School
The school's MySpace page is managed by the Alpha Old Boys network of musicians and features a wealth of information about Alpha alumni and Sister Mary Ignatius Davies.

Alpha Old Boys Association Online
AOBA Online is a source of information for alumni and friends of the Alpha Boys School, including bios of musicians to come out of the school, memorials to those who have died, and an extended history of the school.

PRI's The World: Alpha Boys School
Hear Marco Werman's report for PRI's The World on the Alpha Boys School, which further explores modern music in Jamaica.

Daily Telegraph: The Nun Who Nurtured Reggae
Thomas H. Greene of the UK's Daily Telegraph profiles Sister Mary Ignatius Davies and discusses her role in shaping the history of Jamaican music. Alpha Boys School - Music in Education 1910-2006
This compilation features songs from 25 former students of the Alpha Boys School, including jazz legends like Joe Harriot as well as people like Don Drummond, Dizzy Moore and Yellowman, who helped create the music most associated with Jamaica -- ska and reggae.