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Rough Cut: West Papua: The Clever One
Additional Resources Vogelkop Bowerbirds provides descriptions of the bowerbird's physical appearance as well as the bowers they create and why, saying that females will mate with males "depending on whether they like the 'treasure trove' arranged about [the bower] or not."

Vogelkop Bowerbird comes to 'Life'
Papua Expeditions describes an expedition it led into the Arfak Mountains of Indonesian New Guinea with a BBC television crew, filming the bowerbird for a program it was creating called "Life of Birds."

PBS Nova: Flying Casanovas
For a companion site to the broadcast program "Flying Casanovas," about the extraordinary courtship antics of the male bowerbird, PBS Nova provides a number of additional features including "Bowerbird Matching Game", an interview with biologist Dr. Gerald Borgia and a clip of artist Andy Goldsworthy discussing whether the bird's bower is art.

West Papua Action
A "solidarity and campaigning initiative" based out of Ireland, West Papua Action works to raise awareness about the political struggle of West Papua still lingering after the 1969 takeover of the region by Indonesia. The site provides a detailed history of the conflict.

From Our Files

Indonesia: After the Wave
On December 24, 2004, the Indonesian province of Aceh was hit by the massive tsunami that killed 170,000 people and devastated villages and towns. In the wake of the catastrophe, the Indonesian army and local separatist rebels ended their decades-long war, which took 15,000 lives. In "After the Wave," FRONTLINE/World correspondent Orlando de Guzman traveled to Aceh to explore the prospects for continued peace.

Indonesia: Wham! Bam! Islam!
In 2007, FRONTLINE/World ran a story from the Middle East that introduced viewers to the fastest selling comic book in the Arab world, The 99. In this follow-up, reporter Isaac Solotaroff followed the comic book's creator to Indonesia, where he is trying to sell his work to the largest Islamic country in the world.

The Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Issues Encyclopedia (IPEIE)
The IPEIE website details the environmental devastation brought on by logging and mining in West Papua. The province is home to one of the largest gold mines in the world, operated by Freeport MacMoRan.