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Rough Cut: Ecuador: Dreamtown
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More on Ecuador's passion for soccer. And a few sporting moments from our files.

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Football and Racial Discrimination in Ecuador
When a qualifying match between Ecuador and Uruguay in October 2009 erupted in racial violence, the national pastime came into sharp relief and fueled debate about Ecuadorian soccer's future direction and training. Subsequently, Ecuador failed to qualify for the 2010 Word Cup in South Africa.
This nonprofit was created in 2002 by Afro-Ecuadorian soccer star Ulises de la Cruz. De la Cruz, who is featured in the film, had a prominent career in the English football league and took part in the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan and again in 2006 in Germany.

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A New Day for Blacks in Ecuador
Learn more about Afro-Ecuadorian history marked by October 1553, when 23 black slaves survived a Spanish shipwreck to create a free black movement. Today, Ecuador's African ancestry is celebrated on the first Sunday of October.

In Ecuador, a Poor Valley Gets a Kick Start
This story from the Christian Science Monitor follows another Ecuadorian soccer star, Agustin Delgado, who has used his success to give back to his community by building health and sports facilities and starting a youth soccer program in his hometown.

Ecuador: Diversity in Migration

The Migration Information Source is a project of the Migration Policy Institute. It provides tools and resources on global migration movements and offers analysis of the current migration debates.

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From Our Sporting Files

Ghana: Baseball Dreams
Trying to become a baseball star in a small, poor country in West Africa, where soccer is the sport of choice, is a tall order. But as reporter Zachary Stauffer discovered, Ghana has some true believers in America's game.

Kenya: Run Lornah Run
FRONTLINE/World reporter Alexis Bloom journeys to the highlands of Kenya, where one of the country's first great female marathoners, Lornah Kiplagat, using her prize money, runs a camp to train the next generation of women runners.

Jamaica: Girls on Track
Jamaica won six gold medals in track and field at the Beijing Olympics and yet it has a population smaller than the city of Chicago. What makes Jamaica's athletes so good and so fast?