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BELIZE - The Exile's Song, January 2004

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Ninety percent of Belize is forest. Learn more about this tropical land and its people.

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Explore the history of the Garifuna people, the Garifuna diaspora and the many musical traditions of Belize. read more

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Over the course of 400 years, the Garifuna people of Central America's Caribbean coast have evolved a musical tradition that blends the African rhythms of their ancestors with indigenous instrumentation. FRONTLINE/World sent PRI's The World reporter Marco Werman to Belize, where Garifuna music is being kept alive by a new generation.
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Reporter's Scrapbook: Follow the Beat

See Belize through the eyes of FRONTLINE/World and PRI World reporter Marco Werman in this slideshow of his personal digital photos.

Let the Rhythm Move You: Music of the Garifuna

Palm trees on the beach