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COLOMBIA - The Pipeline War, November 2002

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Facts and Stats - Colombia is the third-largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid.

Links & Resources - Learn more about Plan Colombia, human rights, Colombia’s history, culture and more.

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Correspondent Saira Shah travels to the latest battleground in Colombia's prolonged civil war: a fight over a U.S.-owned oil pipeline. FRONTLINE/World reports how the oil has fueled warfare among leftist rebels, rightwing paramilitaries and the Colombian army -- with civilians caught in the middle.
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Charting the World's Oil

Military on a hillWho's Who in the Pipeline War in Colombia
How guerrillas, paramilitiaries, the national police and the army all wage battle over Colombia's top export product -- oil for the United States.

Photo Essay: Civilians Caught in the Crossfire
See an exclusive online slideshow portraying the real casualty in Colombia's ongoing civil war -- civilians -- with photos from inside some of Colombia's most dangerous regions.

Global Reach: U.S. Corporate Interests in Colombia
With Occidental Petroleum leading the way, many U.S. companies are poised to move in on Colombia's rich resources -- if and when the war subsides. Read corporate snapshots of the major players.