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Ehud Olmert orates at a podium before a huge poster of Ariel Sharon

In the wake of a stunning electoral victory by the militant Palestinian group Hamas and with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a deep coma, veteran producer Ofra Bikel travels to Israel on the eve of the March 28 elections to take the measure of Ehud Olmert, the man widely expected to succeed Sharon. WATCH VIDEO.

Ehud Olmert and his wife Aliza
Israel's New First Family

Wide-ranging interviews with Ehud Olmert, his wife Aliza, and their son Shaul present an intimate portrait of a family, often at odds politically, as they prepare for a new era. Read more.

Slideshow: Israel at the Crossroads
Slideshow: Israel at the Crossroads

On the eve of the election, opinions from the streets of Tel Aviv, and final election results.
View slideshow and results.

Hamas Country
Who's Who in Israeli Politics
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