Hamas Country

by Marcela Gaviria and Kate Seelye

Welcome to Gaza By Kate Seelye

A building reduced to twisted concrete and debris in Gaza A building reduced to twisted concrete and debris in Gaza.

“Welcome to Gaza, welcome to hell,” said the taxi driver, throwing my bags into the trunk of his battered yellow Mercedes. I had just crossed the Erez checkpoint from Israel into this spit of Palestinian territory along the sea. The contrast was remarkable. Minutes before, I’d been driving through the rich agricultural lands of southern Israel. Now I was in Gaza, standing amidst broken concrete and debris, feeling slightly anxious to be in a place even my war-weary Lebanese friends had warned me about. Read more...

The Walk of Shame By Marcela Gaviria

Star of David grafitti on a collapsing cement wall Gaza is the center of Palestinian resistance against Israel.

It’s a foggy day, bleak almost. I am driven an hour south of Jerusalem, past the old philistine city of Ashkelon, which now houses Russian émigrés and Ethiopians, past the Kibbutz of Yad Mordecai, and hang a right onto something that looks like an airport terminal ensconced by concrete blast walls, concertina wires, bullet-proof guard towers, and barking dogs. Read more...

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Welcome to Gaza
Welcome to Gaza
by Kate Seelye
Welcome to Gaza
The Walk of Shame
by Marcela Gaviria

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