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NEPAL, Dreams of Chomolongma, May 2003

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In 40 percent of Nepali marriages, the bride is under the age of 14.

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Learn more about Nepal, the Sherpas, the Mount Everest region, Nepali women and life on the world's highest peak. read more

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The Story
Three women stand under prayer flags on the mountain

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Fifty years after the first successful ascent of Mount Everest, FRONTLINE/World presents the struggle of a team of young Sherpa women attempting to summit the peak whose name in Nepali is Chomolongma, or "Mother Goddess of the Universe." FRONTLINE/World climbs with the team as they confront storms, sickness, fear and the obstacles facing women in traditional Sherpa culture.
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Where Are They Now? Photo credit: Kantipur
Reaching For a Record

Mount EverestInterview With Sapana Sakya: The Long Climb Up
Nepali journalist Sapana Sakya, who accompanied the Sherpa women's team, talks about ambition, altitude sickness and the changing role of women in Nepal.

The Legacy of Sherpa Women Mountaineers
She rose from kitchen girl to star of a national stamp. Read about immortalized Nepali heroine Pasang Lhamu, who successfully scaled Everest in 1993, but died in her descent.

Read a discussion with FRONTLINE/World "Dreams of Chomolongma" co-producers Sapana Sakya and Ramyata Limbu about their adventures following the first all-women Sherpa team to attempt to summit Everest.

*Update: On May 22, 2003, the day of FRONTLINE/World's broadcast of the "Dreams of Chomolongma" story, Lhakpa Sherpa summitted Everest for the third time, setting a world record for women.