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Children of the Taliban

Internet Addiction. Learn more about how countries like South Korea and China are dealing with the disorder, and take a free online test to see where you fall on the addictive scale.  South Korea’s obsession with online gaming has elevated its top young players to sports-star status. Their head-to-head battles in online games such as StarCraft are often televised live on 24-hour gaming channels.    Explore this interactive feature packed with web trends, health notes, and the latest tools of Digital Natives, generally considered the generation born after 1980. The producers of Digital Nation, along with guest bloggers, continually update the site with field notes on some of their key reporting areas, including Internet addiction, using technology in the military, virtual worlds, and parenting and privacy.
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Live Online Discussion
Check in between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. ET, Wed. April 15, when Digital Nation will be hosting a live discussion about The Most Wired Place on Earth. Visit the blog for more on the expert guests who will be answering questions.

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Digital Nation
The reporting for Douglas Rushkoff’s journey to South Korea is part of a larger FRONTLINE project, Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier, a yearlong, multiplatform exploration of what it means to be human in a wired world. As the project unfolds online, it will build toward a national television broadcast on FRONTLINE in 2010.

Growing up online
Growing Up Online
In this 2008 FRONTLINE, and a precursor to Digital Nation, producer Rachel Dretzin takes viewers inside the very public private worlds that teenagers are creating online, raising many questions about how the Internet is transforming childhood. Watch the full program online

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