Our "Heroes" series highlights the work of social entrepreneurs who are providing systemic and sustainable business solutions to improve the lives of millions of people in the developing world. Click here to launch the video player and browse any of the stories in the series.
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Uganda: Out of the Wild
Uganda's "Impenetrable Forest," home to the world's largest population of Mountain Gorillas, is also a hotbed for a number of deadly diseases that cross the species barrier from animals to humans. WATCH VIDEO & SHARE YOUR REACTION »
Vietnam: Wheels of ChangeVietnam: Wheels of Change
June 2009
In Vietnam, a country with one of the highest percentages of wheelchair riders in the world, a partnership between an American designer and a Vietnamese wheelchair factory is making a difference.
Egypt: Middle East, Inc.Egypt: Middle East, Inc.
June 2009
In Egypt, a country that suffers from the highest rate of youth unemployment in the world, FRONTLINE/World reporter Amanda Pike finds an organization trying to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs. She follows along as it pits the best student companies against each other in a nail-biting competition. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »
India: Design like you give a damnIndia: "Design Like You Give A Damn"
June 2008
In the aftermath of 2004’s devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, FRONTLINE/World reporter Signeli Agnew travels to Tamil Nadu in Southern India to see the work of a new movement of architects looking to help solve humanitarian problems through innovative design. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »
Tibet: Eye CampTibet: Eye Camp
September 2007
In a country where much of the population lives at elevations of 15,000 feet, the disease of cataracts has become an epidemic. But since 1995, an enterprising American ophthalmologist, Dr. Marc Lieberman, has been traveling to Tibet twice a year to run mobile eye camps. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »
Rwanda: Millennium VillageRwanda: Millennium Village
October 2008
In 1994, Rwanda was ripped apart by violence so apocalyptic that nearly 1 million people died in the span of approximately 100 days. Rwandans now appear bent on taking responsibility for their fate.
Ecuador: Flower PowerEcuador: Flower Power
February 2008
Celebrating the biggest day of the year for giving (and receiving) flowers, FRONTLINE/World reports from Ecuador, one of the largest suppliers of cut flowers to the U.S., to find out how the long-stem rose is going "green." WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »
Mexico: The Business of Saving TreesMexico: The Business of Saving Trees
March 2008
As the world has become increasingly aware of global warming, a brisk global market for trading carbon has developed, driven primarily by the European Union. One business in Mexico is capitalizing on the trade. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »
Guatemala: The Secret FilesGuatemala: The Secret Files
May 2008
FRONTINE/World and PRI's radio reporter Clark Boyd travels to Guatemala to see how an unlikely partnership between human rights investigators and a Silicon Valley nonprofit called Benetech is saving a lost chapter of the country's history. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »


Sierra Leone: Yeabu's Homecoming -- Overcoming the stigma of a childbirth injury
June 2009
Throughout the developing world, more than 3 million women suffer from a little known yet devastating medical condition called obstetric fistula. FRONTLINE/World reports on overcoming the stigma of a childbirth injury in Sierra Leone. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »

Cambodia: The Silk Grandmothers -- Weaving a new life from a lost art
June 2007
Kikuo Morimoto, a well-known textile craftsman from Kyoto, Japan, moved to Cambodia in 1996 to help revive the country's ancient practice of silk-making -- a craft in danger of disappearing after decades of violence. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »

India: A New LIfe -- Getting children off the streets
June 2007
Father Koshy's work with India's street children began in 1989, when the Mayor of his home city of Vijayawada in southern India asked him to start a homeless shelter. In the years since, his organization has helped more than 25,000 children leave a life on the streets. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »

Ecuador: Country Doctors -- On rough roads and remote rivers
June 2007
Frustrated by Ecuador's lack of health care for the rural poor, Dr. Edgar Rodas created a volunteer group of surgeons in 1995. Their efforts include a hospital boat that regularly visits Ecuador's Pacific coast to provide medical care to the poorest people.

Nepal: A Girl's Life -- Making room to read
June 2007
While trekking in Nepal in 1998, American John Wood saw that many children couldn't afford to go to school and that rural schools had a chronic shortage of books. It spurred Woods to start Room to Read, a literacy program that now helps educate millions of children. WATCH VIDEO & JOIN THE DISCUSSION »

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