Sky above the stone quarry.

Story Synopsis & Video Uganda: A Little Goes a Long Way

A loan manager visits a recipient; Grace Ayaa leads a meeting; Children in the Acholi Quarter.

July 13, 2010: Reporter's Update: When we first traveled to Uganda to report on Kiva's online peer-to-peer lending model in 2006, the San Francisco-based nonprofit had just surpassed $500,000 in loans. Four years later, that loan figure has surpassed $100 million. But there have been growing pains, and in recent months they have drawn the scrutiny of author and blogger David Roodman, who follows developments in microfinance at the Center for Global Development.

In a blog post in October 2009 entitled Kiva is Not Quite What it Seems. Roodman took Kiva to task for not accurately portraying the way it now distributes the money raised, and invited Kiva's CEO Matt Flannery to respond. It used to be that businesspeople who had been approved for a loan were listed on Kiva’s website, where anyone could read their stories, and choose to lend to that specific business via PayPal. Roodman's look under the hood at this lender-to-borrower connection became the thrust of wider criticism in November when a New York Times story raised fundamental questions about how Kiva's microlending practices have evolved.

Roodman continues to blog about Kiva's challenges saying the special peer-to-peer relationship that Kiva built its reputation on and that became the heart of our original Kiva report in Uganda is now "partly fictional." We recommend you follow Roodman's blog, where you'll find Kiva's responses to his criticisms and how they are changing up their model.

Microcredit is not new. It's been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. But in the Information Age, a San Francisco company has taken the idea of microfinance and upgraded it for the Web. Radio reporter Clark Boyd first reported about for Public Radio International's news program The World. He now travels to Uganda for FRONTLINE/World, where the first recipients of money collected through Kiva's Web site are building and expanding businesses.

Kiva, which means "agreement" or "unity" in Swahili, would allow people with a little bit of extra cash to use their credit card or the online money transfer company, PayPal, to lend directly to African entrepreneurs. Kiva got its start a little more than a year ago in Uganda, where it forged partnerships with local microfinance institutes so that each business would be vetted and approved before being posted on the site.

Boyd travels to Uganda to find out more about the real-world impact of these micro loans, He arranges to meet Grace Ayaa, whose peanut butter business received a micro loan through Kiva. When she fled a brutal war between government and rebel forces in the north, she took refuge in the capital. She takes Boyd to the Acholi Quarter, a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Kampala, where many people displaced by Uganda's decades-long conflict scrape together a living.

Most people living here work all day in the local rock quarry breaking rocks used to build houses. The pay is around $1 a day. Ayaa helps people in the quarter out of the quarry work and into a position where they can start viable businesses with the help of a loan. Traditionally, micro credit is offered through banks that charge as much as 35 percent interest or moneylenders who charge as much as 300 percent. Kiva provides loans from individuals at a fraction of the cost.

Back in San Francisco, we see the other side of the operation, meeting some of the people who found Kiva's site and decided to make a loan. Nathan Folkert is a software engineer who lives in the city's Mission District. He read Grace Ayaa's story online and decided to help fund her peanut butter business. Ayaa is one of 70 businesses Folkert has loaned money to. He pulls up Grace's journal page where a message is waiting for him. "Thanks so much Nathan," Grace has written. "I purchased the fridge and bought the packing materials, and this has really enabled me to produce more."

Other lenders in the United States talk about their experiences. "My husband's hobby is rebuilding old motorcycles," says Donna Slote, who loaned to a small motorcycle workshop she saw on the site. "It's incredibly personal in the sense that you get to choose the specific businesses that you want to loan to. You have a real connection with where your money's going and what it's being used for," adds Slote.

Kiva has been connecting lenders with would-be entrepreneurs for a year now, but it is a small operation, relying on donations and a staff of seven in San Francisco to keep things running. Premal Shah, who used to work for PayPal, is Kiva's president, and he explains the role Kiva is trying to carve out in the microfinance world.

"Banks don't value emotional returns," says Shah, "so they will charge a high interest rate to these microfinance institutions. But people are a little more forgiving. Today, your average person can't actually invest in small businesses in the developing world." By creating Kiva, Shah says, "we're tapping into this new source of capital," which is ordinary people.

As Boyd travels across Uganda, meeting people and listening to their stories, he finds that many struggle to support much more than just themselves. In the town of Mbale, Amos Mayoka, a furniture maker, is hoping to get a loan of around $1,000 to expand two businesses he has started. "My elder brothers passed away of AIDS and left me with a lot of children. So now it's entirely on me to keep up the two families," Mayoka tells Boyd. When asked how many people he supports, Mayoka responds, "More than 20." Amos' picture and story are uploaded to the Kiva site, and his loan officer Janet will monitor the progress of his request.

Grace Ayaa also looks after more than her own family. She is the assistant director of Life in Africa, another of Kiva's local partners in Uganda.At the weekly meeting of her Life in Africa group, three loan requests are up for review. It's a lively affair in an outdoor garden setting. People fire off questions to the new applicants, who must give a good account of why they should be chosen. Those present are invested in making the right decisions, as they are all responsible if the business should fail. One of the hopefuls, Molly, has her loan officer explain that she needs $275 to set up a stall selling charcoal for fuel. One woman calls out that she supports Molly's loan but that she should not hire her son. "He refused to go to school 10 years ago," she says. "He might be capable of stealing or disrupting the business." It's a close community, and people know much about each other's lives. Molly's loan is approved, and soon enough it's uploaded to Kiva's Web site halfway across the world.

Back in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, Boyd meets up with Matt and Jessica Flannery, Kiva's co-founders. The two normally live in San Francisco but are here to see the progress of their online loan program firsthand.

Jessica Flannery first came to Uganda in 2004 to do some development work with a group called Village Enterprise Fund. The fund was providing grants to a handful of local business owners to help them grow their enterprises and, in turn, create a trickle of prosperity down to others in the community.

Boyd travels with the couple to the rural area of Tororo in eastern Uganda, where the first seven enterprise grants were given out. Jessica Flannery tells Boyd that, on her first trip to Africa, she was struck by how a small amount of money could go such a long way, and she returned home to tell her husband, Matt. Inspired by her report, Matt Flannery built a Web site with a simple concept in mind -- peer to peer lending that makes microcredit more efficient and accessible.

Moses Onyango, the microfinance partner who helped organize those first loans, explains what happened next. "Immediately, when the first businesses were logged on the site, they got funding of $3,100. They wired the money to me. I brought the money to the village. I gave the money out to them. And the businesses started immediately."

Jessica takes Boyd to meet some of the businesses that were started with these first loans and tells him, "If they failed, the whole idea probably would have stopped right there."

Before he leaves, Boyd accompanies Janet, the loan officer, to deliver some good news to Amos, the furniture maker. In less than a week there have been enough lenders on the Kiva Web site to complete his loan of $1,100, and they deliver the money to a grateful and beaming recipient. If past experience is any measure, Amos will repay the loan in just a few months. So far Kiva has a repayment rate of 100 precent.

As for life in the Acholi Quarter, new houses are being built, and more people are becoming small-business owners, helping to support their families. Working in the quarry is no longer their only option.

Kiva is building on its success as well. It has given out more than $400,000 in loans. And what started in one small village in Uganda has spread to 11 other countries just in its first year.

"My elder brothers passed away of AIDS and left me with a lot of children. So now it's entirely on me to keep up the two families," Mayoka tells Boyd. When asked how many people he supports, Mayoka responds,
"More than 20."

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Cristian Basanisi
Cipolletti, Argentina

Oh my God! I´m so exited about this news! It´s the best way to help people who really need. Even here, in Argentina, we live in PARADISE compared to what people in Africa have to deal with everyday! Now, I´m really thinking about making something similar... so that the idea spreads out get to as many needed people as possible. At least I´ll sign up to Kiva. It´s great when you realise that you can help needed people with as simple things as a click! ;)

Harriman, NY
This reminds of a Chinese saying: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for life." The micro loan program is the best way to give assistance to the people who REALLY need it -- no corruption/politics involved. For all it is worth, people regain or acquire self dignity, which is every person's dream.

Marilyn Warnberg
Vista, CA

Thank you for this opportunity to help others. My brother, Ron, sent me a Kiva Gift Certificate for Christmas. Can't wait to share it with my recipient!

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
The Frontline segment broadcast on December 25th was such an inspiration. The decentralization of any process empowers everyone to realize a dream.

Fred McElhenie
Lawrence, Kansas

Let's step back one step. If it were not for PBS none of us would have the marvelous opportunity to participate in an organization like Kiva. I saw the initial program over a year ago and was struck by the simplicity of the idea. However, had it not been for the consistently excellent broadcast philosophy of PBS I would not have become hooked on PBS in general and Frontline in particular. Watching PBS daily gives me a wonderful window to see the USA and the world. Opportunity for learning and doing presents itself daily on your local PBS station. Watch and contribute!

Lisa Williams
gainesville, fl

I am a woman who always felt dependent upon my husband for money and frustrated that I felt I couldn't accomplish any significant giving, as I longed to do. With KIVA I now am thrilled to know that even I can contribute in a very meaningful and creative way, and the best part is that when my loan is repaid I can give again, and again. I plan to tell everyone about this program, starting with my kids. For their birthdays, and Christmas gifts, I plan to donate in their names so they can experience this joy too! This whole story is inspiring-great.

Sandra Rozario
Ipoh, Perak

Finally a concept with a heart written all over. Wonderful! Count me in.

Montreal, Canada

I was so pleased to see a story that did not evoke despair, but rather emphasized the creativity, humour, and industriousness of those living in the Third World. Your features on Afghanistan, Uganda, and Paraguay, which I caught by chance, were each riveting; I look forward to watching Frontline regularly!

Hartford, CT

I teach Entrepreneurship and think this would be a great philanthropic project for my students. I'm thinking we could take a portion of the profits from our businesses and select someone to invest in and keep it going from semester to semester as new students enter my class. Fantastic organization and a great way to help others help themselves as well as the economic well-being of their communities.

Richard Frankel
Derby, KS

This show is one of the reasons I watch PBS (I don't even have cable). Just as PBS can change our lives, we can change other lives. As a business owner/entrepreneur, I can relate to these people and would not hesitate to to help. Luckily, I have not had to borrow for the business, but these people have no choice. Thanks Frontline!

Tanya Onu
Chisinau, Moldova

May God bless you for your compassionate heart and for offering hope to these precious people.

Steve Thomas
Chicago, IL

Thanks for airing the Kiva story again. I signed up right after the original broadcast, once I could get past the avalanche of traffic you brought to Kiva. I am now an enthusiastic lender with Kiva and will continue to expand my portfolio. It occurred to me that one reason for the huge response is that Kiva lenders and Frontline viewers come from the same gene pool; those that appreciate getting at the truth and doing the right thing.

Erica Schalit
La Jolla, CA

KIVA's founders are creative, compassionate people who have turned an idea into an inspirational reality. I will happily be a lender. I also look forward to involvement in a local version of this great program so we can help our neighbors in this same way.

ousman diallo
st. louis, mo

To whom it may concern,I am really pleased to see that the common day to day Americans are more focused on a micro level to help people in poorer countries. I applaud you for what you are doing and i plan on joining you guys in the not too distant feature. I want to also thank PBS for their outstanding programing. I as one who is from the African diaspora know the burden of people each and everyday. I have relatives living in Africa and I support them financially because it is the right thing to do. I don't loan them money but I help as much as I am able to. I am now thinking of doing what you guys are doing in other parts of the world.


Ousman Diallo

Heidi Driver
Weidman, MI

I first learned of Kiva just a few weeks ago. I noticed that they were a sponsor of one of my favorite places..... ...where people are coming together in peace from all over. So naturally while I was watching the re-run of this I was excited. (Thanks for re-running this story.)

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
We are pleased to have re-run our story about Kiva last night (April 10, 2007). When we first broadcast this story in October 2006 it elicited an enormously positive response and prompted many people to make micro-loans through Kiva. We are happy to see that this is happening again.

That Frontline story on Kiva and the women from Uganda were powerful and humbling. I have seen the face of poverty in my life but never did I have it as bad as breaking rocks all day in a quarry. To see a woman starting a peanut butter business with so little, is inspiring. I hope many more in the world see this story!

Colin Haviland
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I just caught your show "A Little Goes a Long Way" by accident.I was napping, and woke up just as it aired. I think it was heaven sent.I have been complaining for years that there was no way to give directly to people in need, with out 80% going to "Administrative Overhead". And then of course, you never really knew if any of it got to the person who needed it.Thank You Kiva.

I am 65 years old, and my only income is Social Security, but even I can give to help someone else. And what a great feeling to do so. After reading all the
feedback from people who have given, I plan to be a regular every time I can.

David Johansen
Austin, TX

What a wonderful program showing a real positive effect in the world ordinary people can make. Please, please more stories like this one!

Silvia Garces
New York, NY

Thanks PBS for this story. It gave me back faith in human beings being able to make a difference. I want to access Kiva's web site, and imagine many are trying to do the same (server is down!!). I am ready to lend a hand and help make a difference.Thanks for informing!

Jason Beck
Pocatello, Idaho

This story moved me like no news story ever has. After working on several biological research projects, including my PhD thesis, in Nicaragua I had known that the experience touched and changed me, yet I am still realizing just how deeply. At first, I wanted to give money away to everyone I met. That all changes when you see the desperation, the fighting among those who have become accustomed to our hand-outs and you realize that charity misplaced does nothing to solve, but rather feeds additional poverty. Kiva has a sound strategy for empowering those who truly desire to improve thier own lives without breeding more poverty. Kiva's grantees can now look for customers and business strategies rather than hand-out lines.

wichita, ks
I really liked this story, it makes me glad to see people are Actually doing something to help out the less fortunate.

Hello, am a 22yr old student at Makerere university [in Uganda].Recently I learned about the great work done by kiva lenders on "The Oprah Winfrey show" at a friend's hostel room. Having to finish university in a year's time and then swim helplessly in a sea of high unemployment and limited opportunities, I have [instead] a good business idea that I want to develop. I see kiva as a God-sent angel to give life to my idea. I beseech you to email me via my address telling what steps and all necessary conditions to take in order to access a kiva loan.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
The best thing to do is contact directly. We, of course, are a news organization and do not make loans ourselves. We merely report the news and draw attention to worthy groups such as kiva.

Lo C.
San Jose, CA

I've been a Kiva addict since I learned about it in Bill Clinton's book, "Giving." Thank you very much for continuing to spread the word.
Many people fear giving to charity as so much of the money is wasted on administrative costs, or worry that they're just breeding dependence in Africa. A new generation of organizations are emerging that give 100% of donated funds to the intended recipient, and help others to help themselves.

The media coverage that Kiva gets has resulted in loans being funded in hours, not weeks. I really appreciate anyone in the media giving time and attention to causes like this, rather than giving into the sensationalism and negativity that seem to take over at times like this.

kampala, uganda
I have tried to find how these loans are accessed, to no avail.Please let me know how an enterprise gets on to the kiva web.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
You must contact them directly at

Kampala, Uganda
I am requesting for the loan so that I start my own business. There is a lot of activities here but I lack capital.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
We suggest that you contact directly.

Kampala, Uganda
We are a group of 50 men and Ugandan women and every one is doing her own business. Some are making bricks, sawing, weaving retail shops etc and want to expand our businesses.

Carmen Ortiz
Little Falls, MN

Warning, lending with Kiva is addictive. In the months since I started I've helped fund 10 businesses. I am having withdrawal symptoms since I have had to slow down to give others a chance to experience what I have. You don't have to be rich to help. It makes you feel happy. I hope soon we'll have many more businesses added so the lending demand can be satisfied.

Colleen Windell
Missoula, MT

My 6th grade class has decided to raise some money for people in Africa after studying many African countries. I have heard about micro loans on NPR and suggested it to my class. I told them I would research it and get back to them. This made me cry. I am so excited to show this to my class. They plan on having bake sales and used book sales to raise money to loan to people. I hope that they will read and respond to this site as well.

Plymouth, MN
I am interested in more information about the Kiva project and how I can help. I would appreciate some written information to give to a friend that would like to make a donation. Thank you.street address & zip:
16511 - 28th Ave. No.
55447, USA

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Please contact directly.

bernadette slosmanis
prince george, b.c., canada

I think Kiva is a powerful force for change. People in Canada & US love to give and help those in need and this is a marvellous opportunity for us to reach out & help change lives.

Topeka, Ks
This aired on Smokey Hill Public TV in Kansas, Christmas 2007. Fascinating.
I suggest you produce Part 2 of this story soon :-)

Ronnie Hudson
Honolulu, HI

A beautiful story. A friend saw on PBS, and I just watched it on the web as a link from the KIVA site. Great information here. Microfinance is new to me, and I will keep the information flowing. Thank you!

Tom Conroy
Kansas City, KS

I am quite interested in participating in this program. I don't have a lot of spare money, I'm retired and on a fixed income, however, I do wish to help as I can.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Visit the kiva web site at and you can take part.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I felt somewhat ashamed when the Christmas buying frenzy began again this year. My grandchildren have so many playthings that none remain significant for long. So this year, Christmas gifts included Kiva registrations and funding for the first small loans. We intend to add to this over time and ask the children to manage lending choices as soon as they are able. Perhaps these privileged young North Americans will gain understanding of the world and learn empathy for those in need.

Thank you to the generous young Americans who conceived Kiva and brought it to reality.

Jim Williams
Phoenix, AZ

I saw the program on Christmas Day and what a present to me and to others who were as affected I was. Bless Kiva for helping so many others and for giving cynical people like me a way to help where the money is not wasted by the governments and others who beg for money and then keep 10 to 80 per cent of what they collect.

Austin, TX

Thank you, Frontline. I don't watch TV; I just came to your website looking for some visual stimulation to while away the evening. And lo, thanks to this wonderful documentary I'm already a Kiva contributor! Do keep bringing other avenues to making a difference to our attention. Many are eager to do their part, if only they knew how.

Hillsborough, CA
Please send me information about how to tie into the program. I would like to provide money for such loans this year, How does one go about this? I would prefer paying by check rather than e-mail. Is that possible?--WB Freedman

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Simply go to the kiva web site:

Alex Buyinza
Rwamagana, Rwanda

Great, I have great experience in microfinance but this is wonderful, why don't we start this in Rwanda!

Lawrenceville, GA
I am so carried away, hungry for more information to take this to my people to help improve their condition. What do I need to do.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Contact for more information.

Rosalind Cooper
Riverdale, Ga.

I thank God for all the people who made it possible for others to have a chance at a better life. God bless you all.

Walter Edwards
Antioch, ca.

This is really the best and most inspirational news I have ever seen, I definitely will be getting involved and I will notify others to do so as well. Thank all the founders and also PBS. God bless!

Paa kow Ackon
Elmina-Amisano, Ghana

I am so excited that a good concept like this is really bringing hope to many. Lives are going to be improved and people will now become self reliant. A dollar goes to save a life in Africa. We need the support of everyone to keep the system running. Please, I am interested and would want to know how I can access the money.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:

Joanne Mc Gillin
Omagh Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland

I have just read of this brilliant scheme I am so tired of wasting any money donated on corporation costs! I cannot wait to get started especially with my 2 children alongside! This scheme really helps so many individuals whilst keeping their integrity and pride in their work and being able to provide for their families and futures!

Marlynn Chetkof
Coram, New York

I've just learned of Kiva from an Oprah Winfrey Show and would like to be part of this. What is the next step? How can I make a contribution?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Simply contact them at And you may want to take a look at our video about them, too.

Glencoe, MN
I would like to help an entrepreneur with microfinance.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
You can. Simply go to

Larry Hoffman
Sturgis, SD

I travel to Peru every few years to personally give money to poor families. How can I get Peru's poor into this KIVA thing so my money works to make them selfsustaining?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Contact the organizers of this project at

Pensacola, Florida

I have been stuggling trying to get my business up and running after not feeling well and having a hard time with support and motivating myself. When I saw the advertisement on Oprah before it was done I said, "That's it, help some one as I help myself and GIVE BACK what it is that I am in need of as well!" Planting seeds has always been most effective in my walk of faith and this was a perfect opportunity, not only for me but my family to get involved in the process and watch God move from planting to harvesting( not just financially). For me it's about the the lesson and then the blessing, laying a strong foundation in principles of disciplining oneself in being active and faithful in deed and not just word only! Thank you Kiva and may the Lord bless your ministry because that's truly what it is, helping those that have little or nothing at all...

Martin Sawyer
Antwerpen, Belgium

I am writting to commend the president and all the leaders [of Kiva] and everyone who lends through kiva for the wonderful job you are doing for the poor people all over the world. Please keep it up. Is there any thought yet of extending same to the poor in other parts of the world like Europe?.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Kiva does encourage micro-loans to some of the poorer countries in Europe. You can see for yourself on their web site,

Tony Fadale
Redondo Beach, California

I am very grateful to you folks for putting together this video to share with so many people via the web. It is amazing the power of people to people when we make an end run around political and governmental road blocks.

Jane Hyder
McDonough, GA

This is so exciting. I have wondered for a long time how I might help people in the 3rd world. Kiva will give me that opportunity. It is wonderful to see that these people are helped.

Karen Ernandez
Toronto, Canada

This was an amazing film.How do you go about doing this?I want to know. Thanks and God bless you!!!

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Simply visit the web site.



FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Read the articles and stories on our site, watch our video online, and pursue the links we have included. Good luck.


I am really very pleased.Thanks so much kiva org, I will personally be involed to change the lives of people.

Josephine Semanda
Silver Spring, MD

I'm originally from Uganda and your story brought tears to my eyes. A lot of us are here working to help people at home by sending them money. Your story gave me the idea that if my relatives invest the money that I send, then they can generate their own income rather than depending on me all the time. God bless you for helping my people.

Jason Graybill
Arlington, TX

Amazing testimony of how one person can change a multitude of lives by their giving! Keep up the great work!

Truly inspiring. Started contributing to

Middle Point, Ohio
I would like more information on how to become involved in this program.

Kathryn Kuchenbrod
Edison, NJ

What I love so much about this initiative is that it supports people's own ideas. They know best what their communities need. So many "aid" programs are so wrongheaded because they impose the donor's value system.
Traditional charity aid just doesn't work. This just might...

My mom gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to start me off and then I made three addition loans. Go Kiva!

John Casey
Boulder, CO

I just stumbled upon the program tonight (May-th) and thought this looked like such a great way to help make a difference in someone's life. I went to the site and made a loan the moment the program ended.

Kampala, Uganda
I too have problems with my education if any one could help, otherwise I was amazed that in the world we have people with big hearts from so far away who want to help people in our country - this to me is GOD given and to me even if I do not get support I know at least a brother or sister is being helped so keep up the good spirit only god rewards such deeds.

Whitney Hu
Nanaimo, BC

I am so inspired when I know lots of poor people benefited from it. There're many ways to make our world better if we pay some attention to others, just like the people who manage Kiva.

Liliana Mahecha
Medellín, Colombia

Sorry, I do not write very good English but I want to say Thanks, Thanks for your help. It is an excelent way to help other people and our world.

James Boyd
Phoenix, AZ

This was an inspiring program. Thank you for showing people how they can have such a positive impact on other people's lives.

Tucson, AZ
I loved the show and the concept of helping people that are so appreciative and so motivated to bring a better life to not only themselves and their families, but to the entire community.I would love to get involved! Where can I contact the Kiva group. What seems like such a small amount of money to Americans, can make such a huge difference to our fellow global neighbors.
Thanks for such a positive show!!

Ellen Henderson
Seattle, Washington

Absolutely wonderful! We travel to Uganda each year and know how special these people are. It is always great to see their hope and experience their love.

Ralph Liberty
Albany, NY

I sincerely thank you for your very excellent FRONTLINE/WORLD program segment about After your program, I checked out Kiva to make sure it is legitimate (it really is). Now, using Kiva's website, I am building a micro-loan portfolio to worthy small entrepreneurs from around the world. Please keep up the great work at FRONTLINE/WORLD, I never would have been aware of Kiva without you.

Philippe Lambert
Cambridge, MA

I recently discovered and decided to invest. I was excited about helping out in such a personal way. Your story only confirmed that a little effort and funds can create great things. Thank you PBS for reality t.v that does not make me ill.

Ganesh & Nitya Narayan
Chicago, IL

Couldnt agree more! A dollar does go a long way in many countries where people earn less than a dollar a day. I like the idea of bringing in a personal touch to the whole lending process. We are signing up. Does anyone know if there are any other similar sites?

Virginia Sweeney
Summerville, South Carolina

came across the story by accident while channel surfing. i was most impressed by the way the people involved with KIVA helped those who really needed the help. I do not have a lot to lend but feel that lending a small amount to one centain person would be more benifical to that cause than donating it to a large charity where the money doesn't seem to dribble down to those who really need it. i would appreciate a more detailed way of funding someone. keep up the good work.

Jay Pasqua
New Port Richey, Florida

I think this story was from the heart. I watched your program on how help was given to the people of Uganda. You really don't know what you have untill you see this program and realise you can still make a difference for other people. I guess we realize what we have and help others in need.I would like to become part of this lending program to try and help make a difference.God works in many ways. Take a minute to look at you own life, and see what you can do big or small to help others. Jay Pasqua New Port Richey, Florida

Rafael Silva
Albuquerque, NM

This was such a moving story I donated the minute the show ended. What a great way to help people!

Lisa Collins
Perkasie, PA

My husband and I are so impressed with this initiative that we will be joining the microfinance lenders! Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring story.

Jacqueline Aiken
San Francisco, California 94116

Hopefully this fantastic idea will stay as wonderful and productive as is current. Thank you PBS and Kiva for giving us an uncorrupt media for giving.
I plan to sign up. The added thrill for me is that the organizers of this wonderful organization are my neighbors and I do not even know them.

Bonnie Turrentine
Needham, MA

The story on KIVA shows how ordinary individuals can make a huge difference in the lives of those who need help. Thank you Frontline for replaying this story. I did not see it in 2006. Your program is one reason why I give to PBS.

Greenfield, WI
This is a great do I get more information to get started?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Simply contact and take it from there.

Caldwell, Idaho
Great inspiring program on how to help people in other countries who need loans to start or help their business, I will have to join others and be a loaner to help...

Kathleen LaFrank
Troy, New York

I don't watch much TV but someone just refered me to this video on your website. My compliments! I have been a KIVA lender for about six months. It's awesome to be able to use my own money the way I wish the government would use my taxes! It makes up for some of the frustration I feel that billions of dollars that could be spent ending extreme poverty are being wasted on senseless wars.

Navin Gandhi
Bloomingdale, Ill.

I am deeply touched by the Microcredit loans and how harmony among people can uplift whole masses of poor people. I like to participate with lenders.

Vicki Stevenson
Lexington, KY

Finally, some good news! People really helping others improve their own lives in meaningful ways. Thank you for bringing this program to our attention!

Gail D
Toronto, Ontario

Just a few words to say Thank you and Blessings to all of the Frontline Staff for airing KIVA. As always you are there to give us continued education as well inspire many including me to help.With all that is going on in the world a gentle reminder helps keep us grounded. THANK YOU for all you do. To KIVA you will be hearing from me soon. Blessings to all of you there.

Montreal, Canada
I was so pleased to see a story that did not evoke despair, but rather emphasized the creativity, humour, and industriousness of those living in the Third World. Your features on Afghanistan, Uganda, and Paraguay, which I caught by chance, were each riveting; I look forward to watching Frontline regularly!

dunnellon, florida
There are many prople all over the world that could use a little help. Why not help?

Bernadette Prieto
Colorado Springs, CO

My heart tugged at the privilege to contribute. What an inspiring connection. Thank you!

Joseph Kenny
St. Louis, MO

Great story on microlending. It's the kind of reporting that makes me proud to say I also am a journalist.

Chris Panzer
Albany, NY


seattle, washington
What an inspirational story of good will and technology combining to be so effective in helping many. I was inspired and proud of these innovative young people with a vision to serve others.

Harvey Madison
Lubbock, TX

If you've watched the segment and do not feel moved to act, you are, well, you're a true neocon.


WOW !! I would love to be a part of this, simply put your program makes so much sense in caring & giving out the extended hand that changes peoples entire lives. How do i become a part of this ? Dave

Paul Minert
Fontana, Calif.

This program is excellent. Something is actually happening that is positive. Please put me in touch with would like to see more journalism like this.

Todd Plimpton
Lovelock, NV

Excellent! I watched the program with my 4 children, for such a small amount of money they wanted to look and see what they could do - exciting, we will see??????

Buena Park, CA
This is the best way to uplift a society where the governments are unable to provide to its people and/or they are corrupt. I hope we can offer this program globally to all hard working individual who have limited access to capital. Thank you Kiva and others.

Mike Wilkes
Salem, OR

I saw the Frontline piece on Kiva about 6 months ago. I signed up and started loaning the next day. I have Kiva bookmarked and I visit often. Be forwarned, loaning in such a direct way can be addictive. It's hard to visit the site without giving. Some of my loans have now been repaid (well ahead of schedule) and I can now loan the money to others. My goal is to include 100 loans in my "portfolio". I'm nearly a third of the way there. Be generous.

Susan Tripp
Berkeley, California

I was so pleased by this idea that I thought there must be a catch, so I looked up some critiques of microcredit: "Recent studies have found that microlenders regularly fail to help people attain permanent self-employment because they so often fail to ensure that the loans are actually used by their borrowers to start small businesses.
"Most disappointing of all, such programs have been quite unsuccessful in reaching the poorest individuals who are the purported targets of their efforts. Meanwhile, even the most successful microfinance programs are unable to sustain themselves without aid of foundation or government support.

"The microfinance industry is still in the process of diagnosing these failures, but one underlying cause appears to be that, like any other development strategy, microlending for the purpose of developing small businesses is a complicated endeavor that requires a localized understanding of the particular economic, cultural and social factors affecting entrepreneurial success." I guess the ultimate proof is when these economies become self-sustaining and able to uplift even the poorest, which our society has failed to do.

Tallahassee, Fl
What a lovely story. It gave me hope for the future - something I have not felt a lot of these past several years. Thanks to those who created the movement and the story.

Joseph Pimentel
Houston, TX

Amid the endless bad news we hear regularly, these stories remind us of the good in our world and renew our spirits. I wish more news outlets would follow your fine example.

John Doyle
Philadelphia, PA

As a furniture maker and an entrepreneur who has been turned down by banks for loans before. I cannot wait to make a difference in someones life by helping them get their own business up and running without all of the red tape.

Katie Robertshaw
Cincinnati, Ohio

Many thanks,PBS, for airing this wonderful KIVA show again tonight (4/10/07). I'm glad I was able to catch it this time around. I have long been an admirer of Mohammad Yunnus, Banker to the Poor, and really wanted to participate somehow in this kind of giving... Now I know how I, too, can be a banker to the poor! I can hardly wait!

Jefferson, Iowa
I tried to send some $$$. The server had more connections than it could handle. That to me is a sign of success. I will try tomorrow. Great project.

Waukegan, Illinois
I saw the rerun of this program on Frontline World, the evening of 10 Apr 07. I was very moved!

Renee' Antoine
Atlanta, Georgia

I am very Happy as well as Inspired to see everyday working class people (Americans, Africans, ETC..) doing something so positive around the world to help one another achieve their Visions and Dreams...
Continue doing a GREAT JOB!!!!!

Alan Armstrong
Akron, Iowa

I am also a small business man that needed a loan to start, I loved this story and would like to know how I could contribute. Thanks for airing this story. Alan Armstrong

new york, new york
Hi just want to say i enjoyed the frontline show of your work in Africa.I have been interested in doing this kind of lending for a long time but never knew where to start..Thank you so much for all the great information and good luck with your future work, Gavin.

Laura Lamon
Tampa, FL

Excellent story!! What a wonderful idea. I just tried to get on the Kiva site, but it has crashed due to the massive amount of viewers logging on.

E. Smith
Halifax, Nova Scotia

While watching this show I couldn't help but smile because for once I've seen the internet used to its full potential. Bringing people who need money together with the people who have money and are willing to help just could be the best humanitarian act that I have seen in years.

Vonore, tennessee
You Guys/ gals etc, are doing a wonderful job. I am inspired. I want to lend and help. how can i do this?

David Williams
Waynesville, NC 28786

This is the answer to Americans who feel disenfranchised by the overpowering size of companies here. I like the idea of investing in a person's vision, without having to front millions of bucks.

Glen Roethel
Oyster Bay, New York

I just saw a re-broadcast of the KIVA feature, and I want to express my gratitude and excitement for what you have done. I'm saddened that your web site is unavailable today, and hopeful that this is only temporary. I only learned about micro loans last year, and I absolutely LOVE the KIVA approach -- get people involved with people...beautiful! Please notify me, if you can, when you're back up and running.
With smiles and hope,
Glen Roethel

amin bakri
ankeny, iowa

I am trying to get to the kiva site so that i can see how I could help in the lending specially if there is one for Ethiopia but having trouble getting to the web site.

Jan Baumgartner
Sargentville, Maine

Like everyone else, I was overcome by the generosity of spirit - of both lender and recipient. In a world so filled with chaos and heartbreak, watching this story breathed new, hopeful air back into me. I'm originally from S.F. and so happy to know of this new non-profit. As a frequent traveler to Africa, and with wonderful friends in East Africa, I hope to participate in Kiva's project and wish both Kiva, and the deserving entrepreneurs, nothing but the best. This, is what life is supposed to be.

Charlottesville, VA
Let's see what we can do with this opportunity. Thank you for educating us, thanks to Kiva for the foresight and effort. Time for others of us to step up. Thank you. K Carr

Warfaa Muse
Corpus Christi, Texas

I am originally from Afica. This is a great idea that will put out of business to the corrupt African governments. Hopefully Western countries can learn something from Kiva and will give their loans directly to the people not to the corrupt governments.

Lauren Cooper
Corpus Christi, Texas

I cant find the website for Kiva, please help, I would like to start helping.

Newfane, Vermont
I saw your video, checked out the Kiva website and sent a loan to a fisherwoman in Samoa. I sent a link to friends I thought might be interested, and posted a notice with links to Kiva and your video on, our local citizen journalism website. Even children who pool their resources can make a loan and "adopt" an adult, who in turn will provide food, shelter and clothing for others.

Paris, MN
As a new Kiva lender I was so moved as to create a 24 hour Live Internet Talkathon for March 18th, 2007. Oh, we won't do as much as Frontline, but we hope to do as much as we can. is the most important development I've seen on the web since the web itself.

Maria Esselborn
The Woodlands, TX

This idea is very worthy of people taking action. I am glad to see the return on investment in one year. Great job Kiva founders! Keep it up! I am inspired.

Scott Shipley
Salt Lake City, UT

This seems like an amazing opportunity. One feels so doubtful about giving to some charity without really knowing how the money will be spent. This kind of enterprise, bypassing much of the government red tape at both ends, and with a personal touch, is fantastic. And even Americans who aren't so wealthy themselves can afford to invest $50 and not worry about whether they even get it back.

Tiago Alves
San Francisco, CA

Great job covering Kiva's work! I personally had the privilege of listening to Kiva's president when he came to the University of San Francisco. I recorded the event and it is available here:
Hope you find it as interesting as I did!

Shermail Clark
Memphis, TN

The entrepreneurship in Uganda has touched me in deeply. The pride in the eyes of the people does a lot for my view of Africa. I am a college student, but I know that I could give money easily. Thank you for opening my eyes to another way to serve my community.

Lagunitas, CA
I wish to participate in this wonderful project.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Please contact Kiva directly at to find out more about becoming a donor.

Angela Fisher
Clinton, MA

I record Frontline weekly and catch up when I can. I finally watched the episode on Kiva last night (11/24/06) and was greatly moved. I signed on to help three businesses. Your program is still having impact many weeks after the original airtime. Hey, I missed the outages at Kiva by viewing it so late! ;-)

Kelly Hart
Kamuela, Hawaii

I'm a high school Economics teacher. I showed my students Frontline's story about micro credit that was broadcast last year. Now Kiva provides us an opportunity to contribute. We are planning a fundraising project and school-wide awareness of this wonderful project. It is an excellent way to teach about global citizenship while also connecting to economic standards.


Mark Boehne
Gardners, PA

This is the kind of news report I ache for. It gives me faith that all good things are possible! I am in!

Srinivasa Desiraju
Charlotte, NC

Great story. This is on lines with the Nobel prize given to micro loans concept in S. Asia, but here the addition of technology makes it more heartfelt. It brings a lot more satisfaction for the deed. Thanks for bringing this out.

Seattle, WA

A week later and I still cannot get it out of my mind. So many possibilities, everything from charity, learning how to invest, using this as a method of teaching children about both economy and helping others. I will start with our family, then reach out to my community to participate along with Kiva. Thank you for creating Kiva and for broadcasting its story. This is real news.

Valerie Mascitti
Hockessin, DE

For the past four years I have been working on an outreach project in a small batay (village) in the Dominican Republic. Two years ago, we began an attempt to establish a micro lending program for the village after realizing that what the people there needed more than donated clothing, school supplies and medicine was a self sustaining, functioning economy that could survive outside the exploitation of the tourist and global economics that ravage such places. Thanks to Frontline for demonstrating the power of microeconomics for their TV audience!

Los Angeles, CA
I think it's a beautiful program. The only problem I have is why do people feel they have to go so far, even through the net, to help? When you really want to help, you start in your own backyard. When you help somewhere else and ignore what's around you, then that is not wanting to give. Famous people go out of this country where they make their millions and ignore the orphans here and go half-way around the world to adopt. What about our orphans? We have orphans. We don't like to call them that, but we do. Going all the way to the other side of the world to help or to adopt a baby is not really wanting to help, and it isn't really wanting a baby for the right reasons. So you see, your program is great and it is helping a lot of people all the way on the other side of the world. We even have hungry, homeless people here. You don't have to look so far to help. But maybe I'm wrong; it's happened before.

Vicki Allen
Spicewood, Tx

It's nice to know that any individual can actually do something to help make a difference in this world. Why isn't this info in the headlines? I think more people would help if they just knew how.

Jason Bursey
Dallas, TX

This is beautiful. Thank you so much for reporting on Kiva. Are there other groups like them?

Norbert Tokarski
Phoenix, AZ

Right out of the Bible: Feed a man today and tomorrow he is hungry. Empower him to feed himself and he hungers no more. This is incredible! I will keep partnering with Kiva forever. Thank you Frontline for this exposition without which I, and apparently many others, would never have known of the great humanitarian effort that Kiva makes possible. If only some of those people with those things hanging on their ears at the U.N. would have seen this excellent piece of journalism!

Edmond, OK
Is a video or DVD currently available for purchase from the piece - "Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way"? If not now, are there plans to make it available and when?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Yes; the entire episode of FRONTLINE/World in which "Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way" appeared is available for purchase. You can buy either a VHS or DVD copy of the episode, "Burma: State of Fear," online at

Glenn Norris
Edmond, OK

What a great idea! A group of friends have been involved in micro credit for several years, investing through a major foundation. This is so much more direct and personal. We (society) seem to focus on the tragedy of the third world rather than the hope of individuals. This is the avenue we have been looking for (without knowing it). Thanks to everyone at KIVA and FRONTLINE WORLD for another great story.

Tim McKillop
Hayward, CA

What an incredible organization Kiva is putting together. You can see the people's faces and the great hope they have and you can deliver some of that hope with pinpoint accuracy. It is time for people to rise to this occasion, not governments.

Spearfish, SD
"We can do no great things; only small things with great love." KIVA.ORG as well as Muhammad Yunus with Grameen Bank give us that way. Thank you.

Robyn Repeta
Hoffman Estates, IL

I watched the show last night were Americans can help with their credit card loan money to those wanting to start up their own business or help there business grow. I want to help! I was so moved and touched; where do I go to sign up and help someone in more need than I am? When I search Kiva, I cannot locate where to make a donation or become a lender.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Go to; at the top of the page, select the "Lend" button. That will take you to a page where you can select from a list of Kiva's current loan applicants.

San Jose, CA
I would like to see those wanting loans so I can get on board. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO GIVE where it is truly needed.

Paula Lavarini
Tucson, AZ

Micro lending calls forth the essence of being human in both the lender and the borrower. I believe it is the only way to address poverty in the world.

Sherri Gray
Portland, OR

Thank you Frontline for such an inspiring story. I know where my charitable $$ will now go. Continue to spread the word re: micro loans.

Glens Falls, NY
I was deeply moved by this story. I have wanted to help people in other countries but not sure if my money would actually go them. After watching this story, I can't wait to help! Knowing my money will better someone's life, even if it is a small amount, is an awesome feeling. Praise God!

Maria Wagner
Troy, NY

I want to get involved in micro lending after seeing this show on PBS. This is a great service to humanity.

San Francisco, CA
Thank you Kiva and thank you Frontline for a wonderful and enlightening piece on a very worthy subject. Where do I sign up?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Kiva's website is Once on the website, select the "Lend" button at the top of the page.

Lawrenceville, GA

What an inspiration indeed! I was quite moved by the compassion and concern for our fellow humans as shared and led by KIVA. I'm rushing to the website to do my part in making our world a much better place.

Raj Saxena
Brewster, NY

The site is certainly working now but clearly the team is overwhelmed by the large number of individual bankers vs. the number of validated borrowers. The lending limit is temporarily capped at $25, which is a good way to at least connect individuals into the program without exhausting the current list. Thanks to Frontline, Kiva is about to experience the rapid growth that can come with the Internet. That growth will come with immense challenges to preserve the basic principles they started with. I'm sure the team's ingenuity will help get past that and that we will see many successful Kiva clones.

Alfredo Martinez
Redwood City, CA

A great show by PBS. The KIVA concept is a very noble and wonderful idea. It motivates people to help and others to be able to use this help along with business guidance.

Larry Cohen
Los Gatos, CA

Imagine the problem solved by a thriving middle class in Mexico & Central America financed by Kiva and other micro lenders. Exactly.

Vallejo, CA

I have long searched for a unique way to assist others and share the multiple blessings I have received. THIS is it! Beautiful concept, with far-reaching impact. I am interested in lending too.

Kristina Mistry
San Antonio, TX

Just wanted to let everyone know that the site is up and you can contribute to the loans. The process is very easy and rewarding. You will not want to limit yourself to funding just one of these hardworking, deserving entrepreneurs.

Louisville, KY
The program on micro lending was the most hopeful and exciting thing that I have seen on TV in a very long time. I cannot wait to get involved in this wonderful project!

Carrie Reiter
San Francisco, CA

Kiva is my community partner (at Starbucks) and a true ideal of philanthropy. I know them and see how their small group works tenaciously night and day. I want to thank you for giving " ordinary people " a chance to make an extraordinary positive impact in so many lives and so many countries. May you be blessed in every aspect of your endeavors.

Redding, CA
I am glad that Kiva's website has recovered. Everything seems to be working except that we are limited to $25 donations per borrower, due to the demand to help out. That says volumes for the affect the story had on the viewers. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help. I hope you do a follow-up segment on the affect this program had on Kiva.

Beavercreek, OH
Having grown up in Peru, I have seen third world poverty first hand. This is the best idea to help the poor I have seen so far. My husband and I already made five Kiva loans this morning and are planning on several more gift cards for Xmas. Any chance you will be expanding the loan services to Peru?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
You can contact Kiva directly at to inquire about the locations of their current and future loan applicants.

Suisun City, CA
Story was touching, what a great idea but why are you making it so hard to find the web site? I can't find it listed anyplace on the PBS web site.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
The Kiva website is:

Anne Marie Bellavance
Franklin, MA

So happy to see Kiva ( and Grace from Life in Africa ( Thanks for adding Clark's journal and additional audio interviews to site. Looking forward to sharing video on Nov. 7!

Heidi Hursh
Denver, CO

I am a high school teacher in Denver at a magnet school for international studies. My students had learned about Mohammad Yunus and the Nobel Peace Prize and then I told them about this program. They were intrigued. I'm hoping that we can raise money to arrange our own micro loan. I will also show them the video once it becomes available.

Commack, NY

Your story on KIVA really touched my heart, as nothing else has in a very long time. And the outpouring of interest - enough to crash KIVA's servers - is also heartwarming. People helping empower other people - total strangers - yet all in this together. It was a blessing today to register and then help 2 people with their dreams. I see everyone else is doing the same thing today! In gratitude for the blessings in my life, I plan on helping spread the word. Thank you VERY much for this piece - and perhaps you can do a follow-up?

Miriam Laskin
New York, NY

I was so happy, watching this documentary! reminded me right away of "Donors Choose," the education-oriented web-based organization that I've supported for several years. Today I managed to make two donations to folk via and I'm so glad that their website is back up and that Frontline's publicity seems to have attracted so many people like me who want to help one-on-one. Thank you Kiva, thank you Frontline and PBS!

Lisa Eriksen
Redondo Beach, CA

So often I see people suffering, wishing I could help them. You showed me that I can. I'm very exited. This is personal. You can SEE who you help. We CAN make the world a better place a few people at the time. A little trickle will become a great river. Hurrah. Thank you so much for the program.

Ward Martin
Green Valley, AZ

I have become more and more convinced that person-to-person giving is often more effective than merely writing checks to large, traditional organizations, however important and useful the latter may also be. So I think KIVA and I definitely have a future together.

New York, NY
THANK YOU for bringing this to me. It brought me to happy tears and I would love to know how to get in touch with the San Franciscans who were involved with the Uganda loan program so I can become involved in some way as well. Thank you, thank you. Every little bit we do counts. This is proof. Thank you. As always, your programs are amazing.

Andrew Bell
New York, NY

Amidst the flurry of news stories about corrupt, anti-social, narcissistic politicians and lobbyists who produce nothing of value, the Kiva story offered a perfect antidote. It is about faith in human nature, generosity, joy in others' empowerment, and in actually making something tangible.

Croton on Hudson, NY
I watched Frontline this evening and was so impressed that I signed on to Kiva's site and wanted to be a part of this. However, I could not get past their home page. How does one get in contact with them?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Kiva's website,, is now back up and running. If you are still unable to access the site, you can email them at

Ardys Reverman
Sunriver, OR

A heartfelt thank you for inspiring mentor guides. Maybe support feels so good because this is the way we are designed to learn things. You are on to something to connect our synergy and energy. Our 21st century human story of growth and change give back our choices of spiritual awareness. Making a difference globally and individually in a new way of whole brain learning will create far greater results working together.

Youness Shafagh
Oakville, ON

When I saw the program I was so impressed by the sense of hope that tears came to my eyes. Please send me Kiva's address to make a donation.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Kiva's website is Their server is experiencing problems but you can still donate. Keep checking back with them because their new servers will be up soon!

Alan thornton
Lowell, MA

AMAZING! For those in the USA that think one individual has no impact on the events of lives of others in the world, read the comments published from this one story. Bravo Frontline, bravo Kiva, and bravo to all of you for being involved.

Janet Alupot
Mbale, Uganda

This has been a great achievement for Kiva and all partner MFI'S.
WOMEN'S INITIATIVE TO ERADICATE POVERTY IN UGANDA will finally meet the demand for loan money in the communities of our operations.
Thanks for the great work done by both Kiva Heading Staff and the Frontline/World Staff. We are very grateful.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Janet is one of Kiva's partners in Uganda, and is featured in this story.

Aaron Butler
Portland, OR

I am currently a student in the Human Development program at Warner Pacific College. Kiva micro-lending is the perfect topic for my group's final presentation. We are excited to challenge our cohort to fund one loan during the conclusion of our presentation. Wonderful idea Kiva. Kudos to you. Thank you Frontline/World...

Brent Duncan
Lindon, UT

This was one of the most remarkable shows I have seen on how to make a real lasting difference in a part of the world where one dollar can go a long way. In this case one dollar can multiply with judicial administration. Imagine when these new entrepreneurs start to become micro lenders themselves to feed the growth as a second generation of lenders on projects like this.

Brooke Anderson
Seattle, WA

Amazing and impressive. I'm moved by the tenacity and hard work of the KIVA team who are making all of this happen. They are blessing many!

Steve Forsey
North Tonawanda, NY

Like the rest of those sharing their comments, I look forward to, and am even anxious about accessing the Kiva website to be able to grasp the whole idea more completely. I will definitely become involved in this worldwide project and anticipate that it will realize extraordinary mainstream success within a couple years. What we can all do is place the website link on our messenger lists for others to inquire about and access in order to spread the word more rapidly. Anyone with skype would find this an invaluable way to spread the message. Also it would be nice if in the future the lender can also offer to donate the interest charged on the loan to the borrower so that Kiva is compensated while the borrower has nothing additional to pay back beyond the amount of the loan itself. To anyone interested, lets individually, yet collectively, consider ways in which we can promote and encourage the message that Kiva conveys. I am really excited about this.

Bronx, NY
As a young woman just starting out, many people reached out to me with assistance in myriad ways; informing me of childcare programs, college loans, and job opportunities, all of which helped me to become a self sufficient contributing member of society. I'm living proof that small amounts of help and hard work can sometimes be all that is needed to change lives. I plan on paying it forward, thanks to Frontline and!

oswego, NY
Micro-lending works. I am so glad to see Premal's work. Kiva's work is so right on the money (wink). We all want to help, and it is the ONLY way things will change, because we are the ONLY ones that want things to change. I am not really convinced that the big guys really are 100 committed.
There are so MANY reasons to think POVERTY is defeatable but for the Will to do so. Here with KIVA -- well, it cuts through the red tape.

Maybe while we wait, more people will start up such organizations.

Maybe I will.

I have only been thinking about it for 20 years. But till then, keep on with the good work and as soon as I can I will give more of me than words.

Robert Nelson

Great Show, wonderful idea and it is heartening to learn that it is working. HOPE that the new server for KIVA gets put online quickly.

Michael Jorgensen
Brookhaven, NY

Brilliant concept. I can't wait to start lending.

Annesha Montez
Las Vegas Previously Junction City Oregon

I lend private and residential money for a living and I see how so many people take $1.00 for granted. My daughters are starting to save so that they can help finance a business and make someone's dream come true. God CAN work and bless people with KIVA's help from a world away! How can I get a copy of this program so that I can send it to my family. Great idea for Senior projects in High Schools!

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
You can buy this on DVD or VHS from or by calling (800) PLAY PBS . Search for Episode VI - you have to buy the entire hour-long broadcast. The title is "Burma: State of Fear" -- it is titled by the first story on the program. The Kiva story is the second story on this episode of FRONTLINE/World.

In addition, the entire piece will be available to watch on our website as of November 7th 2006.

Mayur Patel
Roselle, IL

I was born in Nairobi and lived in Kampala until I was 9 years of age. For years, I have been seeing stories of corruption, crime and decline of these countriesâ€TM economy. I love the innovation of this organization and how it has created hope for many great people that normally would not have much hope. I was extremely inspired by the story but more by the people and their accountability. Count me in as soon as the site is back up!!!

Carrie Durant
Hamilton, Canada

I only caught the last half of this show and have been moved not only by the wonderful results from the program the founders created for micro-lending, but mostly by the fact that many in North America are actually doing something rather than just thinking of others in need. Congratulations to mankind for contributing to those truly in need who want to help themselves.

Rajesh K
Boston, MA

A fabulous idea - better than giving money for free, since the effects of funds invested in micro-financing are much more profound and long lasting. I appreciate the wonderful work Kiva has been doing with the initiative and am grateful to PBS/FRONTLINE for providing the much needed exposure to

Claudia Nagy
Buffalo, NY

Thank you! I will return to be part of this awesome initiative. In the meantime, I will post a link on my website.

Thank you for informing us about this wonderful program. We really need media to step up and provide more POSITIVE stories that inspire like this!!!

Alice Steffens
South Amboy, NJ

Dearest Kiva,
I recently stumbled onto a website called I forwarded the website to many of my friends yesterday because I was so impressed with the great work that is going on and the way it was being done. All things are connected and therefore we ALL benefit when we empower one another. This morning my friend saw the forwarded website and told me about the Frontline show she watched last night about Kiva. There are no such things as coincidence. I am so deeply touched, pleased, thrilled, jubilant, ecstatic that creative minds have come up with viable, valuable and very real solutions to so many of the world's problems. When people feel good about themselves and can feed, clothe and school their families they make the world a better place. These are Win/Win/Win/Win solutions. How could anyone not want to support these efforts? Thank you Kiva for giving us a way to empower others. Thank you Frontline for making this known.

Suggestion for your website. Please include a printable and email forward-able brochure with basic information about Kiva for folks to tell others about this fantastic way of helping others. I have many friends that would be interested. I also work in company with about 10,000 employees, many of which would be happy to contribute. It would be a great way to spread the word.

Question: Many Native Americans live in extreme poverty. Does Kiva seek out those in this country as well as others to give a hand up to?

Brightest Blessings to you and this wonderful work!

Christina Jordan
Kampala, Uganda

I am the founder of Life in Africa, the Kiva partner through which Grace Ayaa received her loan. It's been very exciting for us to see such a huge boost in traffic to since the show. We haven't seen it yet in Uganda, but it sounds like the Frontline crew did a great job. Our supporters report that they loved it. Congrats, and thank you!

Amazing! We were so excited to see this. Genius... is all we could say. We are so excited to get involved! We've told everyone we know.

T. Littleton
Santa Rosa, CA

KUDOS Frontline, you have provided another quality program, educating your audience. The feature on Kiva was fascinating, providing more insight to how one can positively influence our global economy. I can't wait to begin.

Françesc Trias Puig

Presently, Europe is inundated with stories of ceaseless migrations of sub-Saharan Africans escaping towards a better life. is just but a small example of how concerned people can attempt to make the lives of some of these struggling people better and sustainable. In my opinion, it makes a lot more sense than spending money on fences, walls, soldiers and patrol boats that only serve as a band-aid to cover the infection. There is a way to help those willing to work to help themselves, and a better way than the option of a dangerous, heart-breaking, and humiliating journey to a life sending small remittances from the developed world. Are there any such programs headquartered in Europe? May Europeans get involved with Kiva? If so, I will spread the word as much as possible. Thank you for the moving story. I hope to see it syndicated back home.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Europeans may indeed get involved with Kiva. Anyone from anywhere in the world may become a Kiva lender simply by going to

Betty Zorn
Houston, TX

Thank you once again Frontline/World for your wonderful program. The KIVA site is still not responding, I was able to donate to KIVA but could not make any loans. I will keep trying. I have been donating to Houston PBS for many years. This type of programming makes me proud that I support Public Broadcasting. Keep up the good work.

Pat Phillips
Lawrence, KS

Great idea and great show. I will get involved as soon as the website is up and running!

Bergen, Norway

I have been a Kiva "loaner" for quite a while now and I love them! I didn't see the PBS show because I live in Norway, but I'm here to see what the fuss is all about since my daily visit to Kiva's website has been disturbed by all you people! Way to go! Be sure to try again when they get it back online, you won't regret it! I give Kiva gift certificates to everyone I know now and encourage others to do the same! Do your friends and family really need a new toaster more than Hellen in Uganda needs a new dairy cow?!?

Raleigh, NC

What an inspiring and moving story! The Kiva concept is simple, yet genius. I intend to encourage family and friends to support this important work.

Sheena Jacob
Pittsburgh, PA

I was thrilled to see the program. I have been researching and studying a lot about microfinance around the world & I know that PBS has done other programs on this topic. I think that the model of (micro) social entrepreneurs financed by (micro) social investors is the only model of long-term economic sustainability that can prevail on a global scale. Thank you Kiva for your great work and thank you Frontline for featuring it.

Dee DeMusis
New York, NY

Thank You, Frontline/World for this story. It is an answer to my prayers and the solution to the despair of poverty. This is an idea whose time has come for such a time as this! I do mission work in the Dominican Republic and this is a direction we will follow. Thanks, too, for the inspiration.

Prabha Mohnot
Pittsburgh, PA

I heard this was an amazing edition of Frontline, but I didn't get to see it. Can you tell me when it will be shown again?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
All three stories from the October 31 broadcast of FRONTLINE/World will be available for viewing on our website starting November 7. Check with your local PBS station to inquire whether they plan to re-broadcast the episode in the near future.

Lena Mayhand
Davis, CA

This was one of the most positive pieces that I have seen about any part of Africa in a long time. Giving other people a hand up and not just a hand out. What a huge blessing from God for everyone involved.

Nick Jordan
Laguna Beach, CA

This organization is today's definition of what Winston Churchill wrote: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." Kiva gives a matter of fact way of giving respectfully and making a difference.

Jeroen Hoogeveen
Turlock, CA

Great concept, many of these problems can be resolved by bypassing the bureaucracy. Eye-opening documentary. Thanks.

Premal Shah
San Francisco, CA

Dear Frontline Community:
This is Premal from Kiva with an update 24 hours after the show first aired. We are just overwhelmed with your generosity and interest -- thank you. I want to share with you all an email from Jeremy, our engineer here at Kiva, which summarizes the last 24 hours:

Subject: The Frontline Effect

Just a quick update on what's been going on at Kiva World HQ.

Last night at 6:25:00 PM EST the Frontline segment about Kiva was broadcast. At approximately 6:25:01 PM EST our server was completely overwhelmed and has been down ever since. Simply put - we were not ready to handle the massive amount of traffic that hit our server. Not by a long shot. As Premal put it, we were "a lemonade stand in the middle of the Boston Marathon".

Within minutes it became obvious that we weren't going to be able to get things working, so we took down our website and put up a simple HTML page with a short note explaining the situation, a link to, and a button to donate through PayPal.

As of now - roughly 24 hours after the first airing - we've gotten well over 3000 emails and over $30,000 in donations. Furthermore, I have yet to read a single negative comment. Not one. I've never seen anything like it.

As we speak, we are using some of the donated funds to move our site to a new hosting company that specializes in scaling websites to massive proportions. Hopefully by the time we go live we'll have multiple servers handling our traffic. It's hard to say exactly when that will happen, but I will be working through the night to try to have up and running by 5 AM PST.

This is an incredible thing we're witnessing. Thank you to everyone who has helped us come this far. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

I'll let you know the moment we get back online.


FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Thanks, Premal, for keeping the Frontline/World community updated on the reaction Kiva has been receiving. Premal included a sampling of emails they've received that shows the incredible support and interest in Kiva you all have expressed. Unfortunately, we have so many Reacts coming in to our own website, we're unable to publish those emails. There is certainly no shortage of positive reaction for this story and for Kiva! We will continue to provide updates on getting access to Kiva as they come in. You can also check the Kiva site directly for updates:

Rachel Birkett
Boston, MA

Nothing is as inspiring as organizations that directly improve people's lives, not by giving them handouts, but rather giving them opportunities to be self sufficient! Forget about relying on governments to solve the world's problems. This is a far simpler, more powerful and effective way to improve the lives of people all around the world. I can't wait to make a loan as soon as your website is back up.

Charles Dunn
Madison, MS

I echo the sentiments of all others who have taken the time to post. What an absolutely inspirational story! I confess that I contributed to the failure of the Kiva's server by immediately trying to visit their website after the broadcast. After realizing the reason for my inability to connect, I pulled out my credit card and made a donation toward Kiva's new server! Come on folks -- this is an opportunity to help this worthy organization build the technological infrastructure that will allow ALL of us, as well as our family and friends, participate in this great project. It's rare these days to find an opportunity where you can honestly feel that you can make a difference. It would appear that Kiva is going to give us that rare experience. I look forward to their prompt return to the net. Frontline restored my faith that something worthwhile can actually be found during primetime!

Houston, TX
Thanks for such a great story! We are planning to give money in our nephews' names this Christmas, and you've just found our "charity" for us! This way, the kids will have the chance to choose their own investment and learn about so many valuable concepts all at once! I must say that, though I wasn't very impressed with Frontline/World the first time I encountered it, now I make every effort to catch it every time it airs - I learn so much from you! Thank you.

Mendi Stubson
San Luis Obispo, CA

Your story was so moving. I wish we could do this not only around the world but in our own country as well. Thank you.

After watching this Frontline story, I knew the Kiva server would "crash" but for a good reason! Thanks for the quality show and A story!

Diane H.
Buffalo, NY

As another former Peace Corps volunteer (Romania), I was inspired to see this remarkable usage of technology to help people. This story was touching...and interesting as it coincides with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr.Yunus! Thank you Frontline for quality reporting. Your staff continues to go the distance, to question what hurts so many people in the world, and to show us what is then helping so many in the world. Hopefully our current right-wing administration can watch and learn!

Shannon Lyons Schnuck
San Francisco, CA

Frontline, this was a wonderful profile on how one person's (or couple's) dream and passion to have a positive impact on the world happened and is having the desired impact. Jessica and Matt Flannery and the Kiva team's entrepreneurial, inspiring, and innovative spirit are incredible...the world is lucky to have you. Thank you for providing such a remarkable way for us to connect and contribute to intelligent and motivating entrepreneurs across the world. WOW!

Richard Franklin
Redwood Falls, MN

After seeing this show on PBS there is no way I can turn my back; thank you so much.

Unfortunately I missed the Kiva story but my husband was able to see it and told me about it. We are now in our mid-40s and are looking for ways to give back. Kiva is definitely one way; we have some ideas already on how we can spread the news to people in our community and perhaps help others build their own community. Looking forward in researching this opportunity.

Alisa Torres
Orlando, FL

I think this episode was amazing. I'm currently in college and not sure where I'm going in life, but this program helped to get me back on track. I want to live a life involved with organizations such as KIVA! I am so excited about it all, I don't have much but I plan to lend, give, and just do whatever I can to help the organization and the people all over the world that need the assistance of the organization. So basically I would like to thank the KIVA organization, FRONTLINE, and PBS for making me realize that what's really important is just living a life doing whatever you can just to improve the lives of others.

Susan Palmer
Manhattan beach, CA

I was truly inspired by the story. The look of pride and self-esteem on both the loaners and borrowers was heart-warming. I am in and passing this website onto my friends and family today. The concept is riveting...way to go!

Fritz Tossberg
Hamilton, MT

The Kiva story was great. I went to their website and found it busy, but was able to send them a donation via Pay Pal. A really simple, elegant idea. I will make some loans and will get friends to help. We should do this in Iraq when we get out.

Allison Braddock
St Louis, MO

Bravo! What a great concept. Kiva is really making a difference by providing opportunities in the world for people that don't stand a chance otherwise. I am chomping at the bit to help out in any way possible.

Dauril Alden
Seattle, WA

Wonderful program; wonderful concept. I echo sentiments expressed above; loaning to such people is more worthy than giving unwanted Christmas gifts.

Judy Hudson-Trujillo
Denver, CO

Great story and wonderful concept. I am doing a training session with 8 social entrepreneurs from Zambia in December. I would like to show them this film clip. Please let me know when it is available. We are doing this training on a shoestring budget - so free distribution or taping into an electronic version I could show on laptop would be appreciated.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Streaming video of the Uganda story will be available on our Web site on November 7. Good Luck with the training!

Newcastle, California
Microlending has always intrigued me. I've given to organizations like Doctor Without Borders, Mercy Corp, Heifer International -- but always wondered about the recipients and how they fared. Kiva provides a simple and easy way to directly lend a helping hand and you can see the smile of the person you're helping. Once the loan is repaid, one can keep re-lending. An embrace to the people that started Kiva. I'm going to include info on Kiva in all my Christmas cards.

Keith Bell
Gallatin, Tennessee

This video was wonderfully timed to coincide with the Nobel Peace Prize for 2006 that was awarded to Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank for their efforts to create economic and social development via microlending in Bangladesh. I can see the snowball effect for Uganda: small loans allow individual businesses to flourish; new sources of income allow for individuals to spur other businesses since they now have disposable income; living standards rise; a ripple effect positively impacts the entire community. Great concept, great video. Frontline/World continues to be among my favorite programs on television. I use these episodes in my geography classes every semester. Thanks.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks to PBS yet again for educating us in a positive way! Jessica and Matt Flannery, ASANTE SANA! (Thank you very much). I know there are many other microfinance organizations around the world, but you made microcredit more efficient and accessible to us!

Ann Black
Gainesville, Florida

I was so moved by the program last night. I'd like to help. I visited your site but could not log on. Please let me how I can get in touch with someone who needs help.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Be sure to visit They should be up and running sometime soon.

David Edwards
Corsicana, TX

I have been to Uganda twice and have seen the desperate needs. I have also seen the Nationals taking advantage of the generosity of others and others taking advantage of them. I applaud the work of Kiva. Through accountability and encouragement, hard-working people get the opportunity to succeed. You inspire not only their efforts, but also many Americans who seek to make a difference.

Leon Johnson
Baton Rouge, LA

Inspiring article, but I can't believe that it is so hard to actually find a Kiva web link, anywhere in the article. I will search again.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Be sure to visit Their website will be up and running sometime soon.

Edward Daniels
Charlotte, NC

I have been involved loaning money to Kiva for about a month. I was not aware of the Frontline program. I called them today and they said they were swamped by the reaction to the show and they do not think they will be back up until tomorrow. Please make sure you go to the website when it comes back online. It is great and I have enjoyed lending very much. I hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Glenn A.
Arlington, VA

I enjoyed your story, and it seems like lots of other people did too since it basically crashed Kiva's server. However, I think you should have also spent time talking about the drawbacks and potential negative aspects. The piece here on the website explains that many experts don't think microlending like this is really helping poor people all that much. Why not include their viewpoint in the story as well?

Santa Fe, NM

Philadelphia, PA
Thank you for the wonderful way you are making someone's life a little easier. How can I help?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Be sure to visit

Andy Pfeiffer
Revelstoke, BC, Canada

I'd like to encourage everyone who was as moved as I was by the program to go to Yes, their server isn't able to handle the volume right now, but there is a quick link to PayPal. If we all pitch in for a new server for the KIVA site, we can all begin to help forge responsible relationships with the third world.

Houston, TX
Thank you for this wonderful and enlightening story. Now I know how I can help without feeling that I am being robbed of most a donation!

Springfield, MO
Their server can't handle all the traffic looking for information on the microloans. However, you can donate money to go toward a new server for Kiva from the site: Looks as though this would be a good cause also so more people can get involved.

Bloomington, Indiana
Sure would like to have seen a link to the Kiva website on the site somewhere. Can you not provide that? Otherwise, I loved the story and really want to get involved.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:

Janice E.
Rosemount, MN

WOW! I am so glad I turned on the TV! This wonderful inspiring story showed me that a little goes a long way. I will be putting my money to better use!

Kathleen Shanahan
Williamsville, New York

How can I thank you for this story? Rarely does one television program have the opportunity to improve the lives of thousands of people around the world. Your program has made this possible. Thank you.

Matthew Hirst
Charlottesville, Virigina

Microfinance has been around for a long time, and I always thought it was a great way to give the world's poorest a means to help themselves, to empower them. But I never knew there was anything I could do to become involved until I saw this program. Very exciting and uplifting -- so thank you, Frontline. The reaction has been so big that Frontline/World viewers apparently overwhelmed the Kiva servers this morning.

Jim Creekbaum
Brownsburg, Indiana

What a great program. Often you see people in need wanting to be given money, but a loan gives them ownership, responsibility, and a feeling of personal self worth. After all, what better feeling can one have than knowing someone believes in them and their endeavors.

Syed Rizvi
Norfolk, VA

It is an awesome, wonderful idea to help humanity. We are in!

Scott Carlin
Hampton Bays, NY

My students will love learning about Kiva. Thanks Frontline/World.

Redwood City, CA
Living in the land of opportunity all of my life is something I take for granted. Your show filled me with such hope and excitement -- not only for the program created in Uganda but also for the two people who set the wheels in motion. Both are young Americans from my dear Bay Area who reached out and showed the potential that our children have for changing our world. Thank you for this gift and I will support you financially right now!

Tallahassee, FL

Your piece offered hope and a practical hands on a way to make a difference. I will pass this on to many who are looking for an effective way to act. I hope the Kiva site is up and running again soon. I am eager to see how I can help.

Regenia Smalley
Plainview, MN

My family was going to do Christmas donations this year. This is where my money is going. Thanks PBS

Calgary, AB

I'm in and I've emailed the link to my family and friends. Just goes to show a person can change the world without having to spend a huge amount of money or resources!

Cambridge, MA

I found this story so inspiring. So often when we give money we are afraid it goes to the bureaucracy and doesn't get to the people to which it is intended. I love the idea of putting something into a community and really, really helping. Kiva's web site has been inaccessible since the show aired last night which - actually - is a good thing. Hopefully many are also inspired to participate. Thanks again...

Neil Sommerfeldt
Springfield, Virginia

It was just by chance I switched the channel to Frontline....or was it! I can't wait for the web site to come back online....what a great way to help people help themselves.

Shreveport, Louisiana
We always appreciate Frontline and the informative and stimulating articles and materials provided in the programming. This piece on Uganda and the loaning of money to help these individuals start small business is great, to say the least! You can see the hope, pride and enthusiasm in their faces. This is the way the world should be: people helping people. So much better than the violence of war and the pestilence of disease. Thanks!

Emalea James
Lexington, KY

I can't wait until their website is back--I plan to use it to do my Christmas shopping! I am proud of the people involved with Kiva -- all angles. Once again, PBS makes a difference.

Jose Fernandez
Harker Heights, TX

I watched your Report on the microloan in Uganda and was deeply moved. Thank you for showing that there is still hope in this world. See, PBS does make a difference. Please do more reports/follow-up of this type. As a note to other readers, the also provides microloans in Honduras.

Fabienne Carmignon Duffy
Dayton, OH

The cause and concept are so enthralling and so down to earth that, for once, I am looking forward to engage myself and my children in the process of helping those much less fortunate. Thank you, Frontline.

Allan Nassau
Las Vegas, Nevada

After watching Frontline last night I too went to the Kiva web site. It is still down this morning. I will keep trying. What a dignified way to help someone less fortunate than you. I too was moved like I never have been before. I have always looked for a way to get involved. I've found my way. If our government is looking for a way to spread American ideals of Capitalism around the world is there a better way than to help with a loan to start a new business or expand a new one? Just think what microfinance organizations could have done with 240 billion, the cost of the Iraq war.

Michael Butler
Philadelphia, PA

A direct pipeline to the people who have an idea and the willingness to work hard to make it work! I will gladly lend them a hand. I especially like the simplicity of cutting out the big chiefs who "administer" the typical charitable conributions. Count us in!

Gloria Hennen
New Prague, MN

Great broadcast!! I have always been interested in Missions and wanted to touch people personally. Kiva will allow this to happen without my having to be there. I have been online most of the morning but the system crashed with the overwhelming response. Will keep trying.

Orlando, Florida
I was totally astounded when I saw this last night at 2:30am when I awoke with another bout of insomnia, but what a thinking, soul searching bout it was, and still is. I am telling everyone, encouraging these gifts of hope, and think that with the Holiday season coming, what better way to give a gift to another in your recipient's name. It would eliminate the duplication of useless and/or unwanted gifts. Teens and up will benefit this year as I am not going to spend money on them that will not give them the feeling that this should. Fabulous program.

Jonathan Johnston
Houston, Texas

people are not looking for something for nothing and are willing to work hard. I would like to know how to get involved in the microloan program. It seems fantastic.

Michael Cohen
Sterling, VA

Thank you Frontline for such a telling and heartwarming story about how people can help those in need grow their businesses using microloans and help foster responsible, local economic growth. I've already started to investigate the web site further so that I can get involved. I've also started spreading the word about Kiva to others who I think would also like to get involved.

Pankaj Goel
Clarksburg, MD

Frontline, thanks for a great show. I truly learned a lot and am inspired to be part of the community!

Maya Wagle
St.louis, Missouri

Great FRONTLINE piece last night on Burma, Libya, and especially the micro-credit in Uganda.

Casey Machula
Flagstaff, Arizona

Like so many other brilliant ideas, its genius lies in its simplicity. Thanks for a ray of hope in a world where the leader of the world's only superpower thinks he's doing God's will by invading and killing.


This is the first program that shows what real giving is all about. Contrast that to the stories about the millions of dollars misused in the 9/11 and Katrina debacles.

Garden City, NY
After the show, I like probably most of your viewership went to to find their servers overwhelmed. I tried again a few minutes later and was able to get through and make a small donation so they can buy another server. I thought it might be a good idea if Frontline would make the video segment available to Youtube so the Microfinance and Kiva story could attract an even wider audience. Great job!

Joyce Baker
Eugene, Oregon

I watched the Kiva story as I was handing out fistfuls of candy to trick-or-treaters. Such a contrast! I am starting to contribute to Kiva loans today. Many thanks to the founders of this program!

Great show about Kiva and the great job they are doing. Please send me their contact information. I would like to get help. Thank you

Tabatha Wallace
Baton Rouge, LA

This has really inspired my family. I always beleived that unless you were giving major money to someone you really were not helping, but after watching these stories in awe, I know that my measley $50 that I spend on coffee a month could potentially help an entire community. Bravo!

Pamela Hill
Claremont, NC

My husband and I watched your show last night; Kiva is a brilliant idea. The Kiva concept has renewed my faith in mankind. I intend on telling my friends about this wonderful program.

Goldsboro, NC
How do you become a 'lender' through

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Be sure to visit when their website is running again. All the instructions are there.

Ann Patricia
Niskayuna, New York

I've been to Africa twice and have always been trying to figure out a way to contribute in a meaningful way to the people who live there. Short of actually going there and volunteering my skills I found my answer when I saw the program on Kiva.

Sue Quinn
Pittsburgh, PA

I was impressed by the ease and relatively little amount of money one can invest to improve so many lives. I visited my daughter who was studying in Kenya last year and was moved by the plight of the people. I wanted to help anyone and anywhere I could but came to realize giving money or materials directly is only a quick fix. Sustainable and well monitored programs like Kiva's can make a difference!

Chicago, IL
I just so happen to be flipping through the 5 or 7 channels I have and ran accross this PBS special. I was moved to email friends and co-workers to help out. Please keep in mind I am not the type to send senseless emails or forwards.

Patrick Vaughan
Hamilton, MT

What a great story. Thanks very much for presenting this to us. I am going to e-mail your story "Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way" to my friends. This is a simple way for all of us to work for the common good.

Leah Roberson
Searcy, AR

I can't wait until the website is back up. With a 100% payback record, I can re-loan money over and over! I hope they don't lose potential loaners while the site is down.

Dean Taylor
Doral, FL

I was moved by this story and want to join in. The KIVA server seems to be loaded, so I will keep checking. Thank you PBS for getting the truth out on so many issues. This KIVA program creates hope for all of us.

Danny Blott
Oklahoma City, OK

I think this is beyond dexcription. To actually influence a person's life without huge complicated banking and government regulations.How can I participate?

Cristen Hemmins
Oxford, MS

What a brilliant idea. I just e-mailed all my friends and spread the word about it. Thank you for telling us about!

Donald Freeman, III
Springfield/Dayton, Ohio

This is the most powerful way for Americans to understand other nations, get invovled, and receive a spiritual and financial return.

Paula Tarrant
St. Louis, MO

WOW! What a success story! A simple idea empowering many who need help and many who want to help. It would be exciting if a similar program were developed for the United States. Kiva will need to drop more servers in ASAP to handle all the new interest. God Bless those executing this program.

Barbara Smith
Northampton, MA

I have been involved with peer lending in the USA and know first hand how powerful it is. Would like to know more how that works in Kiva. There was just a short part in the program with people voting for acceptance of a person's loan. Look forward to KIVA's Web site becoming accessible again. Thank you Frontline!!

Simne Langton
New York, NY

Kudos to Kiva for making a great concept work and for reaching out to those who need help. 100% loan repayment is remarkable!! I can't wait for their server to come back so I can join in their cause. And thanks PBS for enlightening me.

Joan Riggs
Pittsburgh, PA

Terrific show. Will it be shown again on PBS?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
PBS stations are free to re-broadcast the show. Check your local listings or contact your station and suggest they show it again. The video will be available next week online and will be a permanent part of our website.

I watch the program and was quite touched. I like the viewer in California would like to have more information as to how to help or how to be a lender. This is one of the most inspiring show I've seen for some time to show that it takes very little to help another human. Good Work.

Diane Lucar-Ellens
grand Rapids, MI

What a great program. I've lived in Third World countries and have seen the extreme poverty. It seems so overwelming and I've often wondered how to help without government red tape!! Here's a way ! I'll definitily check it out.

David Lim
Fullerton, CA

I enjoyed last night's episode and your segment on really opened my eyes to what microfinancing can do for people who really want to rise out of their poverty and support themselves. I feel this is the wave of the future and its already been proven.

jeff copper
madison, wisconsin

This story was awesome. it's been a long time since I've seen something so inspiring.

Premal Shah
San Francisco, CA

This is Premal Shah from
We are just overwhelmed by the response from Frontline viewers -- THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for taking an interest - the team at Kiva thinks the piece was very well done, especially capturing the entrepreneurial spirit in Uganda.

Tonight, our site went down because of all the traffic! Someone remarked that it was like a lemonade stand in the middle of the Boston Marathon. We put up a temporary stopgap page that let people do only 2 things - given that lending was not an option:

1) Add their name to a Kiva mailing list

2) Donate money to Kiva to help us buy more servers so that we can handle more site traffic!

The result after 5 hours:

1) Over 1,000 people have emailed us

2) And over $10,000 was donated to help us buy more servers!

It's 1 am now and our site is back up but running slowly.

We hope everyone gets a chance to actually make a loan to an entrepreneur on our site. Local field partners in- countries have posted HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs to in the last week and we hope they all get financed!

If the site is running slowly, feel free to shoot us an email at We will email you in a week or so when the site performance goes back to normal.

Sincere thanks for the overwhelming amount of interest and support from the Frontline community!

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
For those of you wanting to know how to participate, Premal lets you know how you can help while the website is running slowly.

Ellen Williams
Ardmore, Okla

I wasn't really interested until my husband said watch this please. I was really moved and wanted to help in any way I could. We don't have a lot but I can help with some.

Lee Wanak
Rocklin, CA

The video on Kiva's work in microlending was excellent. i work in the Philippines with urban poor and would like to use this video for training. How can I get a copy?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
The video is available to purchase at

Fred Finn
Olympia, WA

All three stories were riveting and educational -- a great combination not often found on television, but frequently found on PBS and nearly always on Frontline.

Mona Slattery
Kapowsin, wa

How do I help? Thank you! Mona

Stockton, CA
I was watching the show and was inspired to check out Kiva's web site. There was a message saying that there was so much interest due to the Frontline program it had crashed! I'm sure I'm going to come back and try again. It inspired me to get off my sofa and do something.

Ojai, California
I can't find anywhere in the information where I can donate money to Kiva, or lend money to their cause. Please advise. Thank you, Katherine

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Kiva's Web site is

Rancho Santa Margarita, california
I would like more information on how to become a lender and the possibility of getting involved with KIVA.

Josh Lake
Santa Monica, CA

Great interview/story. I went online and Kiva's servers were overwhelmed. It goes to show me, us, that people do want to help others and do good for our world and our fellow humans. Thanks for informing me of this and enabling me to help others.

San Francisco, CA
Most excellent piece. My birthday is next week and I've found what I want. I'm going to have people give me money so that I can donate it through Kiva. I'm very excited! The only present that I could think of before was a magazine subscription. I'm MUCH more excited about this. :)

Eugene, Oregon

Great show! I'm going to give Kiva a shot.

Christine Galusha
Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is a wonderful idea and I'm glad to have caught the show on PBS. I cannot imagine these people's lives, but am grateful to know that Kiva is making a contribution to so many for so little. How can i donate?

Patrick Machulski
Phoenix, IL

I have watched the PBS's Frontline, Uganda: A Little Goes a Long Way documentary and was impressed at how an individual can help those in poverty. I was amazed how resourceful people can be when given the chance to better their lives. Can you give me information on how I can also contribute to the cause?

Thank you!

How do I locate Kiva's web site? How can I invest in these businesses through Kiva or are there other groups doing this type of financing?

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Go to Their web site has been temporarily overwhelmed by all the traffic coming their way as a result of our broadcast. But they expect to be up and running soon.

skylar woodward
San Francisco, ca

What a great show and great organization -- really enjoyed the piece!

Fredda Berman
Chicago, IL

Thanks for this fascinating story to the broader public. Micro-financing's interested me for years,and I've participated through charities, but this is a much better approach. I'll be sending a link to Kiva's Web site to all my friends. Kudos to the founders.

Brent Ellison
philadelphia, pa

Awesome! I'll be sharing this info widely. Thank you so much for reporting on it!

Allan Brown
Toronto, Canada

What is Kivas Web site? I really enjoyed the show.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:

Alex Fong
Orlando, FL

Amazing and inspiring! It truly demonstrates the power of technology and capitalism to lift the lives of people through hope -- a reminder that these can be extremely powerful postive forces for humanity if we choose to use them for such ends.

Tom Hartman
Cranford, NJ

Wonderful enterprise this online microlending. I would be interested in participating, especially if there could be a start in Malawi. I spent 2 years there in the Peace Corps a long time ago.

Austin, TX

This is what life is about, working to improve other's lives. Kiva's a brilliant cause. Totally inspirational! A dollar goes a long way for many underpriviledged -- sadly many don't see to realize that.

Joanna Riley
Amherst, NY

Amen! My husband and I frequently talk about how and where we should give money, and the microloan business fits our ideals perfectly! We love the fact that the money can be cycled to many other people as it is repaid...imagine: a $300 loan could potentially touch hundreds of people! Awesome concept. We're in.

DENISE Chmelecki
Mamaroneck, NY

i think this is a wonderful idea. It warms my heart to see people giving others a start to help themselves build a better life.


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