Yaroslav Melnyk, 26, Music-Stall Owner

Yaroslav came to Kyiv once to visit friends and never left. He has lived in the city for eight years.

"Originally, I came here to study to be an electrician, but then I started to run a small CD stand on the Maiden [Independence Square]. I love my business, even though I have to stand here all day.

"It was really exciting to be here during the Orange Revolution because there was a unity of people from different backgrounds. We felt like we were really Ukrainians and that we could really change something. It was very spiritual.

"I never liked the people Yushchenko hired for his government. They weren't the right people. Even though Yulia [Tymoshenko] could speak well, she is not a nice person. I like Yushchenko a lot and support his getting a new team to work with."

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