Natalya Sloboyan, 23, Student

Natalya works at an Internet company and is an English translator.

"I was only 9 when the Soviet Union collapsed. It was so different than the way it is now. People don't trust people here. In Soviet times, you didn't know whom you could trust. During that time, people were taken to Siberia for being 'nationalist,' which meant you were being Ukrainian.

"I've traveled to the United States, and I'm open-minded, but I still can't get over this feeling of mistrust. We have to have children that grow up and get over this.

"There is a saying from the Soviet times: 'My house stays apart from others. I don't know anything.' That was the mentality and that's why what happened [the Orange Revolution] on the Maiden [Independence Square] was so amazing. We didn't think we were capable of coming together like that. It was shocking that we had people caring about each other."

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