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VIETNAM, Looking for Home, May 2003

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American golf sensation Tiger Woods is named after Nguyen Phong (nicknamed "Tiger"), the South Vietnamese soldier who saved the life of Woods's father during the Vietnam War.

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Learn more about Vietnam's new cultural scene, its politics and business, its legacy of war, and the Vietnamese experience abroad. read more

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More than 30 years ago, the war in Vietnam shattered Nguyen Qui Duc's childhood. Over the years he has returned to his homeland as a journalist, reporting on the country's culture and establishing connections with writers and artists living in Vietnam. This year, Nguyen journeyed to Vietnam for FRONTLINE/World, looking, he says, "for home, for a bit of myself, for a country that always exists in my memory."
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Interview With Nguyen Qui Duc: Between the Lines
Hear open, honest dialogue about the fine lines between communism, capitalism, censorship and corruption and how "real business" gets done in Vietnam.

Liquid Vietnam - See a slideshow from a watery landscape.

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