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VIETNAM, Looking for Home, May 2003

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General Background

The National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
The official government site gives up-to-date information on activities of the legislature as well as background information on the laws, constitution and history of the assembly.

BBC Country Profile: Vietnam
The BBC News site presents an overall profile of Vietnam that includes media information, a timeline of key events in the country's history, streaming audio of the national anthem and more.

U.S. State Department: Vietnam Profile
This site provides access to CIA and Library of Congress reports on Vietnam and to information about U.S. ambassador to Vietnam Raymond F. Burghardt and the speech he made to the Asia Society in January 2003.

Vietnam Education Overview
World Education Services provides detailed information on every level of Vietnam's public and private education systems.

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Vietnam War

Vietnam Online
This companion Web site to the 1997 PBS series Vietnam: A Television History includes a guide to major Vietnamese and American figures in the war, a detailed timeline of U.S.-Vietnam relations from 1945 to 1997, and reflections from war survivors on both sides.

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
Designed for students and teachers studying the Vietnam conflict, this site lists useful books, magazine articles and Web sites dealing with the war. It offers suggestions for effective research and provides good background information about the war and the country of Vietnam.

Regret to Inform
Vietnam War widow Barbara Sonneborn produced Regret to Inform, a PBS documentary nominated for an Academy Award in 1999. The companion Web site includes video interviews with 16 widows from both sides of the conflict, letters between Sonneborn and her husband, and an online memorial.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page
This site provides a complete database of all veterans represented on the Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Users can search by name, hometown, birth date, service branch or panel location.

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Vietnamese Living Abroad

Vietnamese Studies Internet Resource Center
This information center has resources for students, scholars and community members interested in Vietnamese culture, history and the Vietnamese diaspora.

Vietnam Style
Internet service provider Vietnam Data Communications offers news and short culture pieces for Vietnamese living overseas.

Mai's America
This acclaimed 2002 PBS documentary followed Vietnamese teenager Mai, who spent her senior year at an American high school. Expecting Hollywood, Mai found herself in rural Mississippi, where she discovered that "America" is both far less and far more than she bargained for. The Web site offers an in-depth look at Mai's experience and at the making of the documentary.

Archaic Icons Square Off in Little Saigon
Vietnamese-American reporter Andrew Lam reflects on the controversial event in Little Saigon in which a video store owner put up a poster of Ho Chi Minh, sparking six weeks of protest. Located in Orange County, California, Little Saigon is home to one of the largest Vietnamese populations in the United States.

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Arts and Culture

Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind and Spirit
This Web site complements the American Museum of Natural History's exhibition on Vietnam (March 2003-January 2004). It explores a variety of journeys -- both literal and metaphorical -- through a changing country.

Viet Touch
A comprehensive site for Vietnamese art, Viet Touch displays images of new and ancient work, including fine art, architecture, illustrated history, coins and stamps.

Two Rivers
The summer 2002 issue of the University of Hawaii-based MANOA Journal features new fiction, poetry and essays from Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American writers.

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Politics, Business, Education

The Communist Party of Vietnam
The Web site for the lone political party in Vietnam explores "issues related to ideology, culture, political theory, party building, science and education."

Interview With Nong Duc Manh
In this article from January 2002, Time magazine talks to the general secretary of Vietnam's Communist Party, who says, "We don't want to keep secrets anymore."

Political Forces in Vietnam
Forces outlines political parties and groupings in Vietnam as well as the names and roles of key political actors.

Vietnam Business News
Yahoo! Asia compiles several articles every day on business developments in Vietnam, including information on trade, energy, debt and currency rates.

Vietnam Education Overview
World Education Services provides detailed information on every level of Vietnam's public and private education systems.

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Hitchhiking Vietnam
The companion Web site to the PBS program Hitchhiking Vietnam: Letters From the Trail features photos and written journals from one woman's seven-month solo trek across the country.

Vietnam Embassy, Washington D.C.
The embassy's official site offers government information as well as information for visitors and extensive articles on U.S.-Vietnam relations.

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Media Resources

Nhan Dan
Officially dubbed the "Central Organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The Voice of Party, State and People of Vietnam," this national daily newspaper has a circulation of 300,000. The paper prints all official government decrees and speeches in their entirety and is available online in Vietnamese, French and English. The chief editor is also president of the Vietnam Journalists' Association.

Radio the Voice of Vietnam
This radio station broadcasts over one AM and eight SW frequencies in 11 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Lao, Khmer, Japanese, Indonesian and Vietnamese. The Web site offers short news round-ups.

Pacific Time
Hosted by Nguyen Qui Duc, KQED Public Radio's Pacific Time is a weekly program exploring the ideas, trends and cultural patterns that flow back and forth between Asia and America.

Reporters Without Borders' Vietnam Annual Report (2002)
Report highlights include the status of press freedom, the effect of the appointment of new Communist Party leader Nong Duc Manh and details on journalists being held by authorities.

Vietnamese Americans' View of Media
This article from Asian Week magazine looks at a poll of Vietnamese Americans about how the Vietnamese-American community is portrayed in English-language media. Coverage, the results show, focuses on food, festivals and crime.

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