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Letter to Mrs. Mary Lear, November 11, 1800
Martha Washington. Autograph letter signed: Mount Vernon, to Mrs. Mary Lear, 1800 Nov. 11. 2 p.

Mount Vernon November 11th 1800

My Dear Madam –

I received your kind letter of September the 8th a few days ago – it gives me pleasure to fin[d] by it, that you were in good health. We have had an uncommon sickly autumn; all my family whites, and Blacks, have been very sick, many of them very ill. Thank God they have all recovered again and I was so fortunate as not loose any of them.

As to myself, I have always one complaint or another. I never expect to be well as long as I live in this world.

Mr. Lear is tolerable well and for the present talks if [?] setting him self down at his farm he comes often to see me.

The Boys are very well, I am told lincoln is [?] a very cleaver Boy and learns his book very well. The three Boy live in Charles Town they are borded thair [sic] and have avery [sic] good school [inserted: & master] [2] school Mr. Lear thinks. The Boys has had very good health ever since they went into that back country. Maria is with her aunt Hammond, who is a second mother to her. I am told that she is a very fine child. I have not seen her since she first went up the country. I have long wished to see her but it has been thought improper to take her form [sic] school. I with much pleasu[re] send you the hair you [strikeout] so obliging desired and shall be always [inserted: ready] to give you any information I can that will contribute to your happiness.

With much esteem and regard
I am Dr Madam your
affectionate Friend
Martha Washington

Notes: Unpublished.