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Letter to Henry Knox, October 16, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.017
George Washington. Letter: Rocky Hill, to Henry Knox, 1783 October 16. 2 p.

Rockyhill Octr.16th. 1783
[inserted - different hand: Washington]

Dear Sir,

Since I had the pleasure to write to you on the 8th Instant, I have received your Letter of that date.

I am clearly of opinion that the services of those Men whose times expire so early in the spring, are not adequate to their clothing and Maintenance during the Winter but, as I said in my last letter, such seems the disposition of the Members of Congress with whom I have conversed on the subject, that they are not willing to part with any of the Troops whilst the British remain in New York - all therefore that > at present is what you > , of getting what service we [2] can from some of those whose times first expire and then discharging them; whilst this is doing Congress may possibly come to some determination on the matter

I now inclose you sundry resolves of Congress, which you will please to have published to the Army, tho some of these have been passed some time, it was but within a very few days that I was officially acquainted with them

I am Dr. Sir Your most Obed. servn.
[docket] from his Excellency General Washington 16 October 1783

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 27: 197-8. Signature removed. Loss insertions based on Fitzpatrick.