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Letter to Mrs. Elias Boudinot, January 15, 1784

Martha Washington. Autograph letter signed: Mount Vernon, to Mrs.Elias Boudinot, 1784, Jan. 15. 2 p. + address leaf.

Mount Vernon 15 Jan 84

My Dear Madam

Your polite and affectionate congratulatry [sic] Letter on the termination of our trobles, [sic] and the return of the General to domestic life, would, under any circumstances, have been highly pleasing to me; but the value of it was particularly enhanced by the friendly terms in which you have conveyed them to us.

In return, permit me to offer you my sincere compliments on your restoration to your own House, after an exile of seven years, and on Miss Boudenots better state of health; which, with much pleasure I learnt from the General was considerably [2] amended, if he might be allowed to form a judgement of it from her improved looks. The difficulties, and distresses to which we have been exposed during the war must now be forgotten. We must endevor to let our ways be the ways of pleasantness, and all our paths Peace.

It would give me infinite pleasure to see you Mr. and Miss Boudenot at this place, without which I almost dispair of ever enjoying that happyness, as my frequent long Journeys have not only left me without inclination to under take another, but almost disqualified me from doing it, as I find the fatiegue [sic] is too much for me to bear.

My little family are all with me, and have been very well till with in these few days, that they haven been taken with the measles. The worst I hope is [3] is over, and that I shall soon have them prattling about me again. With best respects to Mr. Boudenot, and love to miss Susan and your self, in which the General joins. I am my dear madam with much esteem

Your most affectionate
Friend –
Martha Washington

Notes: In 1782 Elias Boudinot was elected as the president of the Congress. Served as a secretary of foreign affairs and signed the preliminary peace terms with Great Britain.