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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to Tench Tilghman, July 14, 1784

George Washington. Autographed letter signed: Mount Vernon, to Tench Tilghman, 1784 July 14th. 1 p. + doc.

Mount Vernon 14th. July 1784

Dear Sir,

A nephew of mine, brother to the young Gentleman who studied Law under Mr. Wilson in Phila. is inclined to enter into a Mercantile walk of life; and his Father is desirous he should do so. – He has just completed a Regular Education – is about twenty years of age, Sober, serious & sensible – and I am told remarkably prudent & assiduous in the execution of whatever he takes in hand.

This is the character he bears, personally, I know little of him. –

I have expressed a wish to his father that he might be placed under your care, and it is highly pleasing to him – let me ask then My dear Sir; if it would be convenient for you to take him into your Counting House, and immediately under your eye? – If I had not conceived (from the character he bears) that he would do you no discredit, but may, when he is qualified, subserve your views in Trade, while he is promoting his own, I do assure you that I should be among the last persons who would propose the measure to you.

If you incline to receive him, be so good as to let me know on what terms, and the requisites to be complied with on his part, as soon as convenient. Mrs. Washington joins very cordially in compliments of congratulation to you and Mrs. Tilghman on the encrease of your family – With the usual esteem & regard I am Dr Sir

Yr. affecte. Hble Servt
Go: Washington
Tench Tilghman Esqr.

Mount Vernon 14th. July 1784
General Washington
wishing me to take his Nephew into my Counting House

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. 27: 444-45.