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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to Colonel John Fitzgerald, July 23, 1785

George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Mount Vernon, to Colonel John Fitzgerald, 1785 July 23. 1 p. + address leaf.

Mount Vernon July 23d. 1785.

Dear Sir,

If there is any ship in the Port of Alexandria by which the enclosed Letters could receive a proper conveyance, you would much oblige me by giving them a passage. If not, by returning them.

If I do not hear from my Lawyer in the Western Country before the first of August, it will be out of my power to proceed with the Directors (from the General meeting) to the Survey of the River. If my Suit should come to a hearing at the September term, w[hi]ch he thought highly probably, occurrances, of which he is to advise me, may indispensably call for my attendance [inserted: at the Tryal]. To perform both journeys, I canno nor would it be prudent for me, to pu it out of my power, by absence on th one, to avoid the other; as the decision of the Court may make a difference of between £3500 and £4000 [inserted: to me] for which I can sell the Land [inserted: in dispute] if I establish my right to it; of which there can be no doubt, if justice prevails, and the title is as clearly delineated as the case will admit of. I mention this matter in time, from a hope, that similar causes may not [inserted: interfere to] produce the same effect in any other of the Directors. With great esteem and regard

I am – D[ea]r Sir
Y[ou]r obed[ien]t friend and
Affect[ionat]e Serv[an]t
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Notes: Unpublished. John Fitzgerald served in middle colonies (1776-1778) under Washington. In 1778 at the battle of Monmouth, Fitzgerald was wounded while carrying urgent messages from Washington to Charles Lee. In Alexandria, Virginia, Fitzgerald was associated with Washington in Potomac in promoting the Navigation Company.