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Letter to Oliver Pollock, June 8, 1788

George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Mount Vernon, to Oliver Pollock, 1788 June 8. 2 p.

Mount Vernon June 8 1788


I received you letter of the 11th. of May at the moment when I was setting out for a pre-concerted journey to meet the Directors of the Potomack Company on business of importance at the Shenandoah Falls- that circumstance has necessitated me to defer giving an acknowledgment until this time.

It would be with particular pleasure that I should write to his Excellency the Governor of Louisiana on your be half if I did not think that there would be a glaring impropriety in my assuming that liberty with that representative of the Spanish King, especially as I have never had the honor of a personal acquaintance or any corrispondence [sic] with the Governor. I do not feel myself authorised to take a greater latitude of freedom in this respect than any other unknown private citizen. These motives of delicacy on my part I hope will be considered in the same [2] point of light, and of the same weight by you as they have appeared to me. With sentiments of consideration & respect I am

Your Most Obedt. & Most Hble
Go: Washington

Oliver Pollock Esqr

Notes: Fitzpatrick, Writings of Washington.29: 514-515. Oliver Pollock was operating out of Spanish New Orleans during the Revolution, was also one of the principal supply agent for the war in the west.