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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to Ebenezer Hazard, June 8, 1789
George Washington. Letter signed: New York, to Postmaster Ebenezer Hazard, 1789 June 8. 1 p.

New York June 8 1789.


As I have (without doing it officially) requested from the Heads of the several Executive Departments such information, as might be requisite to bring me acquainted with the business and duties of the Departments, I have thought fit to ask, in the same informal manner, for some specific information, in writing, relative to the past and present state of the Post-Office. I must, therefore, request you will advise of the general state of the Establishment of the annual expences of conducting the whole business, for every year, since you have been at the Head of it and of the annual income, for every year, during the same period by which the exact deficiency, or profits of the Post-Office, yearly, will be seen at a single glance. I presume the department has been managed in so methodical a manner, that there can be but little trouble or delay in making the necessary Report and Abstracts.

I am,
With due consideration,
Your most Obed[ien]t. Serv[an]t.
Go: Washington
Ebenezer Hazard Esqr.
Post Master General.

Notes: Unpublished.