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Letter to James Madison, December 15, 1790
George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Philadelphia, to Fanny Basset Washington, 1793 Dec. 15. 2 p.

Philadelphia 15 Decr. 1793

My dear Fanny,

Your Aunt has delivered me your letter of the 22d Ulto., but as she did not arrive in this City until the 9th instt. and forgot she had such as one until some days afterwards, this answ[er] I fear, will not reach Mount Vernon until you will have left it. I will have the furniture ready to send by the Spring Vessels to Alexandria. The frost will soon put a stop to all intercourse between the two places until that perio

I would very cheerfully have complied with your request to add another story to my house in town would the lower frame support it. But as it is a single house and not calculated to receive such an additional weight; it would endanger the whole fabrick & every thing within; especially a if I am not mistaken, it is at present a story & half of flush walls. Of this however I am not half as certain as I am that the frame is too weak, and in no respect calculated to receive the weight of another Story which could not, now be so framed as to resist high winds & impetuous storms.

[2] I have directed this letter in such a manner as that, if you should have left Mount Vernon; it may follow you without expence under the care of Mr. Julius Dandridge. I wish you a pleasant journey and a happy meeting with your friends below. My Compliments to them and love to the Children concludes me

Your Affecte. Friend
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Mrs Frans Washington

Notes: Fanny Basset Washington is Martha Washington’s second favorite niece (after Fanny D. Washington).