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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to Henry Knox, July 22, 1791
George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Philadelphia, to Henry Knox, 1791 July 22. 1 p. + address leaf.

Philadelphia July 22d 1791

Dear Sir, (Confidential)

If, without disclosing the object in the smallest degree, you can come at (from Mr. William Houston or through any other channel [inserted: by the time you return]) the rate of abilities possessed by Colo. (Joseph) Habersham to what they would most usefully apply whether he is a man of arrangement of Industry, &ca. you would oblige me in making the enquiry. I wish also to be informed, if the means of accomplishing it should be within your reach [inserted: of] the law abilities and knowledge generally of Mr. John Houston, in case circumstances might envite me to look to that quarter for an Associate Judge for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Yours sincerely
Go: Washington
Genl Knox
[address leaf:]
Majr. Genl. Knox.
July 1791
The President of the U.S.

Notes: Fitzpatrick, Writings of Washington, 37: 574-575. Joseph Habersham was Postmaster General of the US. John Houston was a Judge of the Superior Court of Georgia in 1792.