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Letter to Henry Knox, October 14, 1791

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.52.144
George Washington. Letter copy: Mount Vernon, to Henry Knox, 1791 October 14. 2 p.

No 5- Copied from the Original & compared Feby 1st 1854
(Private) Washington

Mount Vernon – Octr: 14th 1791 -

My dear Sir,

I have been under a strange mistake with respect to the time appointed for the meeting of Congress – and a distressing one; inasmuch as I shall have but little time after my arrival in Philadelphia to receive and digest the thoughts which may have occurred to the heads of Departments, with those of my own into proper form for communication or recommendation.

So strongly was it fixed in my head that the last, instead of the fourth Monday in this month was the day appointed for the meeting. that as my return depended on Page’s Stage Coach. it was not ordered to be at George Town until the 18th. inst. nor should I unless by accident have discovered my mistake had not Mr. Lear in a letter I received from him yesterday (being under the like [mistake]* himself) informed me of it – This being the case (though it is not probable it has happened to you) I must request you to be prepared, according to the desires made known – to you before I left the City [2] against my return to it, which will be without a moments delay that I can avoid after the means are in my power to proceed – Being much hurried I have ha[r]dly time to look back on what I have written, but if you understand my meaning it is enough -

Sincerely and Affectionly I am – ever Yours
(signed) G. Washington
Major Genl Knox -
Secty of War -

Notes: *Brackets not editorial; they appear in the copy draft.
Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 31, p. 390.